Motherhood is…Washing Little Humans

Bath time. Every night. I have to be completely honest here…it is not my favorite. They completely entertain themselves and I just sit there. Sometimes a little bored. And make sure they don’t drown. But I have to admit that listening to their sweet voices talk and sing is the sweetest. And one day they will force me out of the bathroom and scream “MOOOMM!”if I almost see their private parts. *sigh* I must truly live in every moment. Like watching small boys splash and giggle in the bathtub. Oh sweet motherhood. ♡

Weekend Recap.


The best part of the weekend is waking up with the boys, cuddling on the couch, drinking strawberry milk and coffee, and cartoons in our pajamas. We are never in a hurry to go anywhere and that’s my favorite part. We went to Walmart after we got ready and bought a few final Halloween things. I was also pretty set on finishing a chalkboard to hang in my kitchen.

I love the way it turned out and I love that I can change it each season and holiday.

After I got Grady down for a nap I started to feel not so hot. Tired, cloudy head and a funny throat. So I turned on the fire and my DVR and settled in for a little rest and relaxation.

Have you seen This is Us on NBC? Omg. It’s the new Parenthood. LOVE it! If you haven’t watched it, you probably should. It’s a feel good show and I get emotional every episode. 

Anyway, so after rest time I got to cooking. We had friends  coming over for dinner so I made a homemade white chicken chili with a baked potato bar.


Like I feared, I was getting sick on Saturday and woke up sicker than a dog on Sunday. Sore throat. headache. body aches. felt like I got hit by a truck. Oy. Needless to say I didn’t do much other than rest. 

And tomorrow I get to teach on Halloween with whatever this awful sickness is. Pray for me.