Motherhood is…Elusive time.

If only time would be still. For just a moment. Or a couple years. Four is my favorite age so far and I want to hold onto it for as long as I can. I’m in denial that my big boy will be five in 6 months. 

Four is innocent. Four is a tiny voice and an adorable giggle. Four is dressing up in costumes and finding the magic in everything. Four is believing that Dad is the coolest and everything he does is rad. And four is already half-way over.

Elusive time is always on the move and difficult to catch. I hear all the time how quickly time goes and “before you know it you’ll be dancing at his wedding.” It’s so true and not realized until experienced. If only I could freeze time for just a little while.

One thought on “52:18

  1. How true, and how very well said. I wish I could just bottle up moments to keep forever. I also love this picture of you two!

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