Josh’s Movie Theater Debut

Joshua finally got to experience the movie theater. I wanted to wait until he was old enough to sit through an entire movie before I paid for him to go. Nathan, Joshua and I went just the 3 of us. The toddler stayed with Grandma and Grandpa so Josh could have some 1:1 time. “Finding Nemo” was the first movie Joshua ever discovered and he watched it 100x before he was 2 years old. So what did we go see? You guessed it!

When we got to the theater we saw Nathan’s boss and his family. They were buying snacks in line in front of us. We’ll wouldn’t you know they bought us popcorn and drinks. Such a nice surprise! They do so much for us. We love Mike’s Heating and the family behind it. 

Joshua sat through the whole movie so well. He said, “I wish we had a TV this big at our house.”

After the movie we went out for dinner.

Nathan had the ribs, I had chicken fajitas and Joshua had a kids pizza. Again, Joshua was such a good boy and ate up all the attention.

What a great date with 2/3 of my guys.

Update on My Green Thumb

Wellllllllll, the veggies aren’t dead…

But the they look rather pathetic. I am keeping up in the watering really well so they aren’t dehydrated. I’m pretty sure I planted too much in one barrell and everything is lacking nutrition. Not enough to go around type thing. I do spy with my little eye a red tomato…

…I’m just not sure how good it will taste. Same with the pepper.

BUT the tomatoes I planted by themselves in a pot seem to be doing okay. I started these by seed in the house. I don’t see any flowers yet but all in good time  (I hope.)

The Shamrock I received as a gift and it surprised me. When I transfered it to an outside pot everything went limp and yellow. I thought, “Crap, it died. Probably an inside plant. I should have read up on it.” And sometimes I procrastinate on matters that aren’t urgent, like digging up dead plants, so it sat there for a few weeks. Then one day it rose from the dead! All green and standing up again. This time I did read up on it to discover that the Shamrock goes dormant for a few weeks in the summer. It’s really a pretty plant. the flowers only open up for the sun so at night, and on a cloudy day like today, the flowers close.

I know, check out those weeds! That is another project I need to get on. There were small rocks where the dirt is and between the kids and the dog it was a constant effort to keep the rocks in their designated area. So I sucked them up with a shop vac. I plan on pulling up the rest of the stone and red border and just put some sod down and be done with it. Fancy yards are for retired people with no children.

A few other plants in my yard are also looking extra lovely today.

So my thumb is more of a light green. I’m working on it. 😉


Motherhood is…finding your WHY.

Why I strive to be a better person. Why I work so hard on myself physically, emotionally and mentally. Why I read parenting books on how to do it right. Why my life has purpose and meaning. Why I cry and why I laugh everyday. Why my life is never dull. Why I am stronger. Why I believe in myself. Why I am proud.

These boys. My boys. Are my WHY in life. ♡

Summer of Bored

I am bored. So bored. This summer weather sucks. It’s supposed to be sunshine and hot! We should be having pool days and beach days and sprinkler days. 

We went to my parents’ pool today and got out after 10 minutes because it was just too cold. The temperature was only around 81, the sun was taken over by cloud invasion and the wind was blowing. Brr! Sound like I’m bitching? I totally am.

Even this little fish who normally doesn’t mind what the weather is doing was only in for about 5 minutes.

We did find a little mischief. My poor mom has a bacterial infection in her lungs and has been terribly sick. Her and Grady fell asleep in no time on the couch after lunch.

Soooo since Josh and I were so bored and couldn’t swim we snuck out and went to Spot On Yogurt, just the 2 of us.

Then we came home to get dinner ready and wait for daddy.

Our weekdays just kind of go like that. We have our Tuesday Play GROUP with my favorite ladies from school and that is the highlight of our week. We’ve had a couple play dates with Tasha and Russell. We’ve had many Winco trips and a couple Costco trips. We did have a really fun wedding  (blog post to come soon on that!) I really have nothing to complain about but I’m getting cooped up, like I do every summer, and need an adventure. We’re headed to Harrison next weekend for the bass tournament and I’m really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow morning…we’re yard saling.

And then it’s supposed to rain.


Motherhood is…Elusive time.

If only time would be still. For just a moment. Or a couple years. Four is my favorite age so far and I want to hold onto it for as long as I can. I’m in denial that my big boy will be five in 6 months. 

Four is innocent. Four is a tiny voice and an adorable giggle. Four is dressing up in costumes and finding the magic in everything. Four is believing that Dad is the coolest and everything he does is rad. And four is already half-way over.

Elusive time is always on the move and difficult to catch. I hear all the time how quickly time goes and “before you know it you’ll be dancing at his wedding.” It’s so true and not realized until experienced. If only I could freeze time for just a little while.