Father’s Day 2016

Oh, right…I’m a blogger. I always forget to post. So let’s back up to Father’s Day. 

I made a weekend of it. Nathan went fishing for Northern Pike Minnow during the day. Do you know the Idaho Fish and Game will PAY you to catch and turn in squaw fish? It’s true. Up to $8 a fish! So as you can imagine my fishing obsessed husband just turned it up another notch. So he did his thing and fished all morning while I worked on his surprise. I borrowed my dad’s truck and drove myself to Camp, Cabin and Home to purchase a pellet grill. I had done my homework and found that the Traegers have NOTHING on the Green Mountain grills. I got the exact same size pellet grill as the Traeger for $200 less with way more standard options. It was a no brainer. I got the Daniel Boone model (which always makes me think of our good friend Dan Forge whom we call Boone.) Anyway I got it home and hiding in the backyard. I wrapped up some New York steaks and a card. When Nathan got home I had him open the steaks and then told him he had to go to the backyard to see what he could cook them on. Ohhh was he excited!
This is hands down the largest, and most expensive, gift I’ve ever given him. He wasn’t expecting it and was pretty shocked. Which of course made giving the gift that much better. Our first meal we smoke-grilled definitely wouldn’t have won us award on Pitmasters–we had hotdogs. 😉

The next day was Sunday and the real Father’s Day. Nathan got to choose whatever we did that day so naturally he chose fishing. We took the boys up to Winchester Lake in hopes of getting Joshua on some blue gill.

Like father, like son.

Joshua struggled with the wind so he wasn’t able to cast out far enough from the bank to land his own fish but daddy let him reel in every one he hooked. 

The tiny brother wasn’t exactly thrilled to be sitting in the backseat for the action.

Grady loves the water so much I was afraid he would just run right in so I kept him confined. Until he just had enough. I took him up on the trail to investigate and peek his curiosity.

He found treasures like a pinecone and a feather.

The big boys struggled with the wind and the weeds until they couldn’t take it any longer and we moved spots. We found an open bank for more fishing and lunch.

It was a nice family day. Days like that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

One thought on “Father’s Day 2016

  1. You all had a great weekend! I had to laugh because we made hot dogs for the first time on our Traeger too! I love that you guys take the kiddos out to go fishing and hang out!

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