First Day of Summer Break

One could argue that last Friday was our first day of summer as it followed Thursday, the last day of school. However, Monday felt like the real first day of summer break as we started a new work week and I didn’t have to head out the door and leave my babies.
As I vowed to myself, I kept the schedule. Cartoons until breakfast at 7:30 and out the door by 9 for errands. We were home before Noon for lunch and then Joshua got to pick an item off his Bucket List. (Mondays are Bucket List days.)

He chose making crystals.


First step was to pour the crystal powder into a pot.


Next we added 1 1/4 cup of water.


Then I had to heat the mixture on the stove until the powder and water were mixed completely.


Almost done! Next we had to let the heated water sit covered for 60 minutes.


Last step was to pour the mixture into a plastic container with lid and let stand for a day or two.
I wish I had an awesome picture of a crystal, but I don’t. Our experiment kind of flopped. This is all we have…




Oh well. At least our first day wasn’t a flop. I got both boys to nap at 1pm giving me a little time to myself and by the end of the day my to-do list was complete.

I nailed the first day of summer!

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