Summer Schedule & Bucket List

The idea for a Summer Bucket List came from my bestie, Jenna. You can find her blog post about it here.

At the beginning of every summer I always think, “Oh we have so much time to do so many fun things” and then summer is over and I haven’t really done anything special with the boys. So I thought this summer will be better. I wrote out a schedule, both a weekly and a daily.


My daily schedule is actually written out by the hour so that we’ll follow the same routine each day just like during the school year. Breakfast at this time everyday, backyard play at this time, lunch time, rest time, etc.

As you can see Monday is “Bucket List Day.” Every Monday we will pick one thing to cross off our list.


This is only one page. So far we have 4 pages of things to do. Joshua helped come up with the ideas. He even wanted to help write the list so of course I encouraged that!


Tuesdays are one of my favorite days. They are play group days with all of my favorite teachers. This way us ladies can still see each other and talk over the summer and for the kids it’s one giant play date. We meet up at the park or pool or beach.

Wednesdays I’ve designated for time swimming at my mom and dad’s pool. They put it in in September so this is our first summer with it and I look forward to swimming with my water babes.

Thursdays are grocery days and Fridays will just depend on if Nathan has to work or not and if we are leaving town for the weekend.

I’m looking forward to the summer and know it will go far too quickly. Stay tuned for lots of posts on the fun things we do. 🙂

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