It’s SO Worth It

A handful of my friends have kids and a handful of my closest don’t. And what does a mama do when  she gets around her friends? She vents. Because we need a safe outlet to let our frustrations out. I try so hard not to let my kids know that I’m self-doubting or trying really hard to like them some days. So when I have a chance to vent, I do. When I’m about to lose my mind I let my friends hear me out. (Because that’s what friends do for each other.)

As a result I get a lot of, “That’s why I don’t want kids.”

Welllll I did just tell you that I was trying to take care of business in the bathroom when I was bombarded by a crying toddler and 4 year old that needed strawberry milk right NOW! When I finally got out of the bathroom I found the older brother had covered the entire bedroom, including the baby brother, in baby powder. Not to mention there were Cherrios in my hair and I’d been up since 5am on a Saturday. I can see why my friend might think that kids are overrated.

But then there are these moments, and sometimes they are small moments and sometimes they are more significant, but there are moments when I think to myself, “How could I truly live without experiencing this moment with my kid?”

That was my Thursday night at Joshua’s 3’s preschool graduation  program. Pride overwhelmed me as my boy got up on that stage and sang every word, to every song, while making eye-contact with his teacher the entire time. He seemed so…big. My baby boy. Tears ran down my cheeks throughout the entire program. But they were happy tears. I was SO happy to be his mom.



Joshua was so excited and could not wait to get to his program. As soon as he got out on that stage he smiled from ear to ear. Afterwards we went and got icecream and it was a real treat because this might have been Joshua’s 2nd icecream cone of his life.


All night I was emotional because again, I was just so happy to be his mom. I felt joy.

It’s SO worth it. Raising kids is hard. So hard. But I can’t imagine a life without my boys. How dull and boring that would be. How much JOY my life would be missing without them.

Joshua James…I am so proud of you.


I wouldn’t trade my life as a mom with boys for anything.


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