Motherhood is…torn.


Ahh finally a moment to yourself. You’ve been looking forward to Grandma and Grandpa taking the babies over night so you can get just a little ME time followed by much overdue husband and wife time when the man gets home.

But then…the house is a little too quiet and a little too clean…and a small tear runs down your cheek.

You’re torn between gratefulness, relief and missing them terribly the second they walk out the door.

Glow Run

I’ve had a couple different posts in my head for awhile now but to say I’ve been busy wrapping up my kindergarten school year is an understatement.

Last weekend I just, ya know, ran my first 5k! I signed up with one of my best friends and we were so excited for our first event.


I’ve ran a little over a mile at a time so my only goal was to run the entire thing without stopping. Which, uhm, 3 miles was ambitious for a non-runner!

But guess what?! I did it!! Not only did I run the entire race without walking but I was so proud of my time. I finished in 31 minutes putting me at a 10 minute mile. I felt on top of the world when I was finished. And WET! It rained the entire race, not to mention the sweat.

Jenna wasn’t far behind and I was SO proud of her as she flew across that finish line. We did it!!


And now we can’t wait to do another one. You can just call us competitive runners now you guys. 😉

All joking aside, here’s my point in all of this. Step outside of your comfort zone and set a goal. All of the emotions and feelings that follow are so worth it!