Motherhood is…torn.


Ahh finally a moment to yourself. You’ve been looking forward to Grandma and Grandpa taking the babies over night so you can get just a little ME time followed by much overdue husband and wife time when the man gets home.

But then…the house is a little too quiet and a little too clean…and a small tear runs down your cheek.

You’re torn between gratefulness, relief and missing them terribly the second they walk out the door.

Glow Run

I’ve had a couple different posts in my head for awhile now but to say I’ve been busy wrapping up my kindergarten school year is an understatement.

Last weekend I just, ya know, ran my first 5k! I signed up with one of my best friends and we were so excited for our first event.


I’ve ran a little over a mile at a time so my only goal was to run the entire thing without stopping. Which, uhm, 3 miles was ambitious for a non-runner!

But guess what?! I did it!! Not only did I run the entire race without walking but I was so proud of my time. I finished in 31 minutes putting me at a 10 minute mile. I felt on top of the world when I was finished. And WET! It rained the entire race, not to mention the sweat.

Jenna wasn’t far behind and I was SO proud of her as she flew across that finish line. We did it!!


And now we can’t wait to do another one. You can just call us competitive runners now you guys. 😉

All joking aside, here’s my point in all of this. Step outside of your comfort zone and set a goal. All of the emotions and feelings that follow are so worth it!

It’s The Little Things. Two.

Watching my boys interact when they don’t know I’m watching is my favorite. Tonight Grady followed Joshua into the  bathroom and I heard Joshua say, “Grady let me show you how to use the potty. Watch. You pull down your pants then then you go potty.”

Grady looked right into the toilet and shouted, “Oh YEAH! POTTY!”

Joshua finished and continued to explain, “Then you pull your pants back up and flush the toilet like this. And that’s how you do it Grady.”

Ohhh my boys. Little moments when you’re getting along are the best! ♡

Solitude & Gratitude

So I’ve started making time for myself. There’s so much time for my kids, there’s time for my kinders and gosh it doesn’t feel as though my hubby gets enough time but we try to make husband and wife time as well. And confession: until recently time for myself only happened every once in awhile like when I’d go to get my hair done. Or….hmm? An occasional bath.

So, I’ve realized lately how very important this time for myself is. And this time has to be spent by myself. So I’ve started running and walking in the evenings after dinner is all done and the kids are dreaming in bed.


I’ve enjoyed it so much!!! (So much thay it gets three exclamation points.) The path on Bryden Canyon is beautiful in the evenings. The sunset is gorgeous!



I put in my head phones and listen to the life coaching of Anthony (Tony) Robbins and just clear my mind of the day for 20 minutes.


If you haven’t heard of this guy, he’s incredible! He’s not a therapist and he’s not about positive thinking. In fact, he’s no bullshit and I think he’s got this thing called life figured out.

Part of his coaching is to write down 10 things you’re grateful for and immerse yourself in gratitude for at least 15 mins every single day.  By doing this we turn our expectations into appreciations. WOW!

Because of this new little ritual of mine I have found that my anxiety is kind of under control and my stress level is definitely down.

I highly recommend this ritual of solitude and gratitude to every one. Especially  woman. Especially mamas. Don’t ever feel guilty about 30 minutes a day to YOURSELF BY YOURSELF. You can’t pour from an empty cup. 🙂

Fishing Fever

Joshua has caught the fishing fever.


Ever since he was tiny he has had fishing reels and tackle as Nathan desperately wanted to ingrain a love of fishing into his son. We were working for the subconcious.


Welllll Joshua figured out how to cast, hook and land a fish all by himself and he LOVES it!!


He fished allllll day up on Long Lake with his grandma and grandpa last weekend. I wish I could have been there (I was home with the baby.) He didn’t take the time to nap. There were fish to be caught.


And now it’s all he talks about and he can’t wait to go again. Of course Nathan is stoked. I think it’s pretty great too. I love being on the water and look forward to spending plenty of time with my family at the lake.



Motherhood is…picking up


I swear some days it feels like my life is picking up after little people. I just spend the entire day cleaning up the house and following the tornado.


Motherhood is…exhaustion.


It starts from the very second you become a mom. You are so exhausted after labor. And you pretty much live there, in a walking zombie coma, for the rest of their childhood days. You learn to live on little sleep from being up throughout the night for feedings, nightmares, bedwetting, illness and any other reason a babe can find not to sleep. So you quickly learn the true meaning of coffee. Like triple shots of coffee. And you adjust and it becomes the new norm and you are completely in love, but exhausted.