Motherhood is…Forgiveness.


I have to forgive everyday. I have to forgive my threenager for arguing with me over everything because truth is, he is super smart, and he is exercising his rights.

I have to forgive Joshua for head-butting baby because he hasn’t yet learned how to be careful or control his body all the way.

I have to forgive the baby for not letting me put him down tp cook dinner because he just missed his mama.

Many times I have to forgive my kids for no reason other than because kids are humans and no one is perfect.

But mostly I have to forgive myself. I have to forgive myself for losing my patience. For skipping the bedtime stories because I’m just too exhausted. For allowing the dessert without the dinner because I’m tired of fighting. For not being perfect. Truth is, I’m the perfect mom for my boys and for that, they forgive me in return. 🙂

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