Motherhood is…Simple.


When it comes right down to it motherhood is really quite simple. It’s only about one thing.

It isn’t about what you’re feeding them, how you’re dressing them, where you’re taking them, how creative you get with your activities and play. It isn’t about what you buy them, which discipline philosophy you’ve agreed to, what you read to them, what routine you create for them. It isn’t about the pediatrician or the immunizations. It isn’t about the Pinterest birthday parties you put together.

Motherhood is about love. No one will ever love you like your mother loves you. And as we moms know, we’ll never love anything or anyone as much as we love our children. It’s a love that is pure and unconditional.

Children want our time and our affection. They want a sense of security that comes from mama loving them unconditionally. Without that, all the other stuff doesn’t matter. The most important thing we can do for our kids is love them. It’s as simple as that.