Trying To Be Big

Grady is trying so hard to be big these days…and he needs to stop.

This is our last baby. Nathan and I are done at two and I can say this with complete confidence. No, we aren’t going to try one more time for a girl and end up with three boys (lord help me!) Our family feels whole.

With Joshua as our first everything was brand new and we couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. With Grady we know a little more this time and now that I know how temporary this  time is I’m cherishing him. (I can’t NOT mention that Grady is 100 times more chill than Joshua was and that makes it easier to cherish this time.) He is simply the sweetest thing on the planet and he is trying to get big on me. Let me show you..


Oh yeah that little head is up and looking around WITHOUT the infant insert.

And he is trying super hard to sit up!



Tummy time is also proving to be going well for him but sad for Mama.


He is going to roll over soon the little turkey!!

We’re a few weeks away from 4 months.  He loves to smile and talk and try really hard to put everything in his mouth, like his hands, bibs, spit rags, anything brother gets within his reach. He still loves to eat and his baths are his favorite part of the day. He is sleeping through the night going down at 7:00pm every night and sleeping til 3:00am or 4:00am to eat and back down til it’s time to go to Grandma’s.

I absolutely adore him. ♡

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