Motherhood is…a Life Sentence of Worry


You’re sentenced the minute you see two pink lines on the pee stick. You now get to live the rest of your life in constant worry. We love our children so much it hurts (look for the next Project 52 post about this) and we want them to be perfect…all the time. When I was pregnant I worried about their development and if they were going to come out “normal.” And with newborns I worry about SIDS. Everytime my baby gets a fever my worry goes into overdrive. I remember when Joshua was tiny his leg got all red, swollen and fevered after his immunizations that day. I was on the phone with the after hours pediatric nurse because I was so worried he was having a reaction to the shots. There is always something that I spend a part of my day obsessing  about.

And in this moment it is Grady’s constipation and not pooping without the help of a suppository that has me all anxious. I’ve already been on the phone with the nurse once this week and it’ll probably happen again tomorrow.

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