This little one has been suffering constipation for weeks! 😦


I’ve had enough. The poor thing will cry out in pain and it breaks my heart because he never cries. Seriously. He is the perfect baby. When he is tired or hungry he will fuss, but he doesn’t cry. And tonight his poor tummy got so bad that he was sweating and crying and just couldn’t poop. I put a suppository up his behind, pulled his knees to his stomach and finally he got some relief. Grady has been on Similac Advance ever since I quit breastfeeding and other than some major spit-up we haven’t had problems. Until around a month ago and now he’s been fighting the hard stools ever since.

I’m calling the doctor tomorrow to see if we can get him eating something different that may help the little bird out.  I hate when my babies are anything but feeling perfect. 😦

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