Project 52: Motherhood Is (Attempt #2)

I tried this theme, Motherhood is, for a Project 52 last year and made it 6 weeks. Fail.

So, I’m going to try it one more time and try extra hard to make it the 52 weeks. Each week I will write about what motherhood means to me…all of the exciting, joyful, hard, stressful, happy, loving, maddening, tearful bits of it!

52:1 Motherhood is…silly amusement.


Tonight hunting was on the tv. Weird. Joshua noticed and yells, “Daddy there’s elk on tv! Gotta shoot it!” And runs in his bedroom to get the new toy gun his dad bought him for his birthday. Joshua launches the dart and laughs in a way that is ALL BOY! And I laugh. And laugh. And laugh at this silly little boy for shooting his toy gun and making little boy noises over his “manliness.”

And to anyone else it’s really probably not that funny. But you see, I am his mama and therefore his biggest fan. So every little silly thing he does I find great amusement in.

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