It’s The Little Things. One.

I started singing Joshua to sleep when he was a baby and it has become our nightly routine. He won’t go to sleep without a song first. It used to be, “Mommy sing hush little baby” and now its, “sing the frosty song mommy!”

And some nights, like tonight, he ran his fingers through my hair while I sang to him. Sometimes he’ll just gently put his hand on my cheek.

I don’t want him to ever grow up!



Motherhood Is…Loving ’til it Hurts!


I love my kids so much it literally hurts my heart (okay, that is figuratively.) But I literally cry just looking at them because I love them so much. I feel like my heart is going to break into pieces when one is sick.
Sometimes after I give Grady his last feeding for the night I cuddle him with tears falling down my cheeks.
When Joshua talks sweetly to me in his little voice I can’t take it… I just love my kids so much my eyes spill over.

I love them so much it hurts in the absolute best way possible.

Trying To Be Big

Grady is trying so hard to be big these days…and he needs to stop.

This is our last baby. Nathan and I are done at two and I can say this with complete confidence. No, we aren’t going to try one more time for a girl and end up with three boys (lord help me!) Our family feels whole.

With Joshua as our first everything was brand new and we couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. With Grady we know a little more this time and now that I know how temporary this  time is I’m cherishing him. (I can’t NOT mention that Grady is 100 times more chill than Joshua was and that makes it easier to cherish this time.) He is simply the sweetest thing on the planet and he is trying to get big on me. Let me show you..


Oh yeah that little head is up and looking around WITHOUT the infant insert.

And he is trying super hard to sit up!



Tummy time is also proving to be going well for him but sad for Mama.


He is going to roll over soon the little turkey!!

We’re a few weeks away from 4 months.  He loves to smile and talk and try really hard to put everything in his mouth, like his hands, bibs, spit rags, anything brother gets within his reach. He still loves to eat and his baths are his favorite part of the day. He is sleeping through the night going down at 7:00pm every night and sleeping til 3:00am or 4:00am to eat and back down til it’s time to go to Grandma’s.

I absolutely adore him. ♡


Motherhood is…a Life Sentence of Worry


You’re sentenced the minute you see two pink lines on the pee stick. You now get to live the rest of your life in constant worry. We love our children so much it hurts (look for the next Project 52 post about this) and we want them to be perfect…all the time. When I was pregnant I worried about their development and if they were going to come out “normal.” And with newborns I worry about SIDS. Everytime my baby gets a fever my worry goes into overdrive. I remember when Joshua was tiny his leg got all red, swollen and fevered after his immunizations that day. I was on the phone with the after hours pediatric nurse because I was so worried he was having a reaction to the shots. There is always something that I spend a part of my day obsessing  about.

And in this moment it is Grady’s constipation and not pooping without the help of a suppository that has me all anxious. I’ve already been on the phone with the nurse once this week and it’ll probably happen again tomorrow.


This little one has been suffering constipation for weeks! 😦


I’ve had enough. The poor thing will cry out in pain and it breaks my heart because he never cries. Seriously. He is the perfect baby. When he is tired or hungry he will fuss, but he doesn’t cry. And tonight his poor tummy got so bad that he was sweating and crying and just couldn’t poop. I put a suppository up his behind, pulled his knees to his stomach and finally he got some relief. Grady has been on Similac Advance ever since I quit breastfeeding and other than some major spit-up we haven’t had problems. Until around a month ago and now he’s been fighting the hard stools ever since.

I’m calling the doctor tomorrow to see if we can get him eating something different that may help the little bird out.  I hate when my babies are anything but feeling perfect. 😦

Slowing Down

Life gets busy with little ones. You don’t even have to have kids to know that parenting is hectic. And it can be one of the biggest complaints of a parent because let’s face it, we get worn out.
There is SO much going on in life and the pace is quick. Dishes to wash, laundry to fold, floors to sweep, meals to cook, toilets to bleach, toys to pick up, diapers to be changed, little birdie mouths to be fed, papers to grade, lessons to be planned, emails to be sent, errands to be ran, bills to be paid, exercise routines to actually be completed. I could run 100mph and still not get it all done…there aren’t enough hours in the day.

However, there is also the other part of parenting. The small moments when you take a minute to slow down and just enjoy your babies. Like when I let Grady sleep in my rocking arms. I sit down putting everything else on hold and I just smell him. (I LOVE the way babies smell♥)


Or when I get down on the floor with Joshua and play trucks with him and take selfies, because he loves getting his picture taken.


And there are Saturdays when I don’t get a single chore done or any errands ran and I don’t care because I’m spending precious time with my babies. And when life slows down for a moment, it’s the best.


Motherhood is…Overwhelming.


The baby is screaming and the toddler has lost all of his good behavior tickets. The laundry baskets full, the dishwasher needs emptied so the full sink of dirty ones can he cleaned. The floors need swept and if the naughty toddler gets out one more toy to fling in the middle of the living room you might lose it. But you can’t even begin on these chores because the baby just wants to be held and the toddler is acting out due to lack of attention. And you’re only one woman but you’re mom therefore you wear many hats all at the very same time and sometimes motherhood is just a little overwhelming.

25 Weeks with Baby Boy #2

I found this post in DRAFTS. It was started and never finished but I want it published so I have it. So here is a post I started mid-pregnancy with Grady (before we knew he was Grady!)

Today this shocking realization hit me, I am 2 weeks away from my third trimester.  I use the word shocking because this pregnancy has gone by so fast!  I swear I was puking my way through the first trimester last week.  But I guess finding out you’re pregnant in the middle of selling a house, buying a new house, moving, and finishing out the school year will distract a person from being pregnant and speed up time.  Now I am on summer break and have time to actually enjoy being pregnant.  Like today, I sat down with my morning coffee (sometimes it’s decaf because I try to be good but today it wasn’t) and I read up on what’s happening at 25 weeks.

Project 52: Motherhood Is (Attempt #2)

I tried this theme, Motherhood is, for a Project 52 last year and made it 6 weeks. Fail.

So, I’m going to try it one more time and try extra hard to make it the 52 weeks. Each week I will write about what motherhood means to me…all of the exciting, joyful, hard, stressful, happy, loving, maddening, tearful bits of it!

52:1 Motherhood is…silly amusement.


Tonight hunting was on the tv. Weird. Joshua noticed and yells, “Daddy there’s elk on tv! Gotta shoot it!” And runs in his bedroom to get the new toy gun his dad bought him for his birthday. Joshua launches the dart and laughs in a way that is ALL BOY! And I laugh. And laugh. And laugh at this silly little boy for shooting his toy gun and making little boy noises over his “manliness.”

And to anyone else it’s really probably not that funny. But you see, I am his mama and therefore his biggest fan. So every little silly thing he does I find great amusement in.