Another Baby Boy!

Yes, we’re pregnant again!  Another little boy…am I surprised you ask?  No way!  I’ve always known I was meant to raise boys.  Confession: There was a small part in both Nathan and I that hoped a teeny tiny bit that it was a girl but we aren’t disappointed; we both agree this feels right. 

So, let me back up a bit.  I started this blog back up and began on a Project 52.  I had great intentions and then life happened.  Rewind all the way back to November.  Nathan and I started talking about wanting a new house.  I mean we had talked about it for months but in November we really got serious about it.  We inquired with Jessica Bean with Century 21 Price Right and she answered our questions about the process.  We sat and figured our finances a thousand times to determine if it was even do-able financially for us.  Then we started looking.  We were hesitant to put our house on the market because we knew once we listed we’d be all in and selling your house is a HUGE decision so we drug our feet with it.  And that’s where we sat for a long time.  Casually looking on websites like and in the newspaper at houses and plugging away at numbers so we’d know exactly what we could afford.  

Another big decision came in late December.  Nathan and I decided we wanted to start trying to get pregnant.  My little secret New Year’s resolution.  January I tracked my ovulation cycle and it worked!!  Just like that…I was pregnant.  I took a test on the first day of my expected period and found 2 pink lines so I knew very early in my pregnancy which makes for a long first trimester.  I was so excited but couldn’t tell anyone, other than Nathan, until I was more confident this pregnancy was going to “stick.”  That’s when Nathan and I decided: we NEED a bigger house NOW!  Who knew we’d get pregnant that fast!!  (Yeah, okay, it totally happened that fast the first time but the odds of first try twice in a row?  God’s plan.)

February we put our house on the market.  One Open House and 6 days later the first offer came in.  We had 30 days to pack up our home and get out of there.  Nathan’s parents graciously welcomed their son, a pregnant lady and a toddler into their home.  End of March we rented a storage unit and moved into their basement.  We moved in on a Saturday.  The next morning I grabbed the Sunday paper at breakfast and saw an Open House.  We wrote down the address and did a drive-by.  Instant butterflies when we pulled up to the house.  It was beautiful on the outside AND there was room for the boat and camper on the side of the house.  This was a huge factor in our move and we struggled to find the property layout and house we wanted in our price range.  We called our realtor right away because we knew if this house was as well-kept on the inside as it was on the outside it was the ONE!  Jesse met us at the Open House, we walked through the front door and I cried.  Give me a little break, I’m pregnant remember?!  The upstairs had been completely remodeled.  The house felt brand new.  5 beds, 3 baths, plenty of room for our growing family…we wrote up the offer that afternoon.

We were in our new house before my 2nd trimester.  Life moved quickly.  So there you have it.  I was in my first trimester of pregnancy, going through the home selling/buying process, taking an online class for my teacher certification, going through a comprehensive teacher evaluation at school, raising a toddler, and I was TIRED!  I didn’t have the energy to write up blog posts.  Yes, that was my extremely long explanation of why I haven’t been blogging.

Bring us back to today…I’m on summer break,



my online class is wrapping up with just a couple more assignments and I’m feeling much better in my pregnancy. I’m hoping I’ll have it in me to document this pregnancy just like I did with Joshua.
Another boy. 🙂 Look for future posts on how we told our family, first trimester blues, and the gender reveal.