My Baby Turns 2!

I can not believe it has already been two years since this picture was taken.


My sweet, little newborn all covered in poop. 🙂  Joshua’s first poop came during delivery making quite a mess on the both of us.  I didn’t even notice though…I couldn’t move my focus from his big, beautiful eyes.

I believe every mom has a moment of reflection on each child’s birthday.  We remember the day of their birth and all of the ups and downs in the years leading up to the present. 

It was a Monday, around 3:00 in the morning, when my stomach woke me up.  I thought it was yelling at me for eating too much spicy food at the Super Bowl party the previous evening.  It didn’t take long before I figured out there was a pattern to my stomach’s screams and that I was having contractions.  I worked all day that Monday just randomly timing my inconsistent contractions.  I used the day to get everything in the classroom prepared for me not to return for 8 weeks.  That afternoon when I got home I passed my mucus plug and called Nathan.  He then got work all arranged to not come in for another week.  We were excited and thought we’d have a baby very soon…

Then came Tuesday and still no baby.  We walked and walked.  We went to Costco to stock up on last minute groceries and walked the levy.   The contractions were still coming but inconsistent and that was how it went all through Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon I went to my scheduled Dr. appointment and I was told I was dilated to a 5 and 100% effaced.  Dr. promised we’d have a baby within 24 hours.  We were SO relieved!  Went home and ate some Subway before heading to the hospital around 7:00 that night.

My amazing birth partner (my husband) and I worked through a long, intense labor and I finally delivered our precious baby boy at 8:15am on Thursday, February 9th–my birthday.


The first couple of months were the hardest.  I struggled with breastfeeding.  I was so determined to feed my breast milk to that boy but his colic made it so…I can’t find a single word for it.  It was stressful, hard, and devastating.  I felt defeated.  But, we made the switch to formula and almost instantly saw a change in Joshua–for the better–and he was very healthy.


I loved my first summer at home with Joshua.  He was 5 months old and the SWEETEST little thing!  He smiled and giggled and cooed and was a bundle of preciousness.  We’d go outside and he’d lay naked on a blanket kicking his feet in delight at the freedom while I laid next to him and read a book.  It was sacred time, just him and I.



The first year was just a lot of firsts. 

First camping trip.


First Halloween.


First Christmas.


To the first birthday.


Then came the 2nd year.  Oh the second year!  It has been a joyful handful.  Joshua took his first steps around his first birthday and quickly was running.  He climbs and jumps and runs.  His curiosity gets him into everything.  He’s verbal.  He’s exaggerated.  He’s adorable.  He’s smart.  He’s fun. 

Joshua loves water.  He likes to take 1-2 baths a day just so he can play in the water.  He loves fishing.  He knows what a bass looks like and thinks every one is a “three pounder.”  He plays with tackle and reels and being in the bass boat is his favorite.

He loves French fries, green beans, and blueberries. 

Joshua LOVES his grandparents.  Absolutely adores them and asks to go to “grammy’s house” and “grandpa’s house” all the time. 🙂

He’s a mama’s boy but loves his Fridays hanging out just him and dad.

And the baby is transforming into a little boy.  I can’t believe how quickly that happens.

My baby is 2.




52: 6

Motherhood is…Simple Pleasures

Being a mom makes me so happy!  I find so much joy in the littlest things.  Listening to Joshua’s sweet voice and laughter can turn even the worst day into a good one.  Listening to my husband read stories to my son is the best.  Hearing “Good night Mama, I wuv you!” is the perfect ending to my day.

Mostly, I just find pleasure in doing simple things with Joshua.  Watching old Disney movies that I loved when I was little is my new Saturday night. 

Before kids Nathan and I spend the days prior to the weekend figuring out what our plans were for Friday and Saturday night. Now we are completely content to stay at home and just hang out as a family with our little guy. He is hilarious and smart and just watching him develop can keep me entertained for hours.

On the flip side to that, when I have a moment alone…a mommy moment of solitude I find so much pleasure in the simplest of acts. Taking a shower without wondering what my toddler is getting into is total relaxation. Going out to eat with my husband when our third wheel is at home is the best kind of Saturday night out! Going to the grocery store by myself is a big deal. Or just watching a tv show uninterrupted after Joshua has gone to bed is so nice. All of these things I didn’t think twice about before I was a mom I totally appreciate when I do get the chance to do them by myself.

The bottom line: my biggest pleasure comes from motherhood.