Joshua, like most toddlers, learned the word “no” very early on.  Again like most toddlers, it was one of his first words.  Sometimes it would be frustrating that he always said no to everything, even when he really meant yes but would say “no” because he didn’t know how else to communicate.

In the last couple of days Joshua has finally learned No’s counterpart.  What is so extremely wonderful about this opposite is not that it’s refreshing, but that it’s hilarious.  Joshua doesn’t say yes, he says “yup.”  And he says it very matter-of-factly. 

We are working on manners and I’m pretty strict about them.  When he wants something I ask for a big boy voice with manners, “Joshua, say ‘Milk, please’.”  And when he is given something I demand a thank you.  He is really getting very good with his manners and when a please or thank you comes unprompted it melts me.  But when I ask, “Joshua, do you want some juice?” He will reply, “Yup.” And it is almost too cute to correct with a “yes, please.” 

Not only cute, but freaking funny!

J: “In the potty”
Mom: “What’s in the potty?”
J: “Nana”
Mom: “You put a banana in the potty?”
J: “Yup.”

He kills me! 🙂