Motherhood is: Cleaning Everything Twice (and sometimes 3-4 times.)

Before I was a mom I thought I had to clean my house a lot.  We have a chocolate Labrador and she sheds constantly and there is always dog hair to sweep up and footprints to scrub.  We take our shoes off at the door but still it is unbelievable how much I have to sweep and vacuum my house. 

Then I became a mom…and I began cleaning everything twice.  I pick up books, put them back in their crate to find them on scattered on the floor five minutes later and have to pick them up, again.


I fold the laundry and before I can get it put away I find that I have to fold the laundry again…


I walk through my kitchen to find a random spatula in the middle of the floor…


And so I spend my days home cleaning.  All day long.  The toys are strung all over the house as fast as they are put away.  I find random objects in random places constantly.  Many times I wonder to myself, “How did Joshua even get a hold of that?” 

Before motherhood I would clean my house and it would stay that way for a couple of days.  Now, I clean my house and within an hour it needs cleaned again. 


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