The Croup

Remember when I said that as a mother I constantly worry?  Well, that worry has been magnified since Tuesday when Joshua woke up at 4am with an awful sounding cough.  A cough I knew wasn’t right.  I rushed into his bedroom and he was burning up, high fever, and covered in pee (his diaper had soaked through.)  I striped him down into just a dry diaper and brought him into bed with Nathan and I.  It was clear that he felt awful and took him an hour to fall back asleep only to wake up an hour later.  It was New Year’s Eve but I knew Express Care in Clarkston would be open at 9:00 so we were there by 8:55am waiting for the doors to open.  I’m an anxious person by nature so I’m that mom that is calling the phone nurse or taking her baby to see the doctor anytime even the littlest thing is off.

Turns out Joshua has croup.

The nurse practitioner that was working the holiday prescribed a one time dose steroid and we were on our way to getting better.  I thought.

Wednesday Joshua didn’t seem to be any better.  He laid around all day watching movies.  Which is not like him at all…he is a very active toddler and all boy!  His normal is busy, busy.


That night his fever went back up to 102 and he woke a couple times during the night crying (which isn’t like him at all!  Joshua is an awesome sleeper…goes right down at 8:00 and I don’t hear from him again for 10 hours) so I knew he wasn’t feeling well.

Thursday morning his breathing and coughing was quite a bit worse.  I got on the phone with the nurse who advised me to bring him back in to be checked out.  Made an appointment with Dr. Amborson and we were on our way back to the doc.

I just want my baby better.  Look at those sad eyes…


It’s SO sad!!!  I just want my happy, spicy, full of life and laughter boy back.  I want this croup to go away and never come back!

Talk about a rough start to 2014.

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