Joyful Nights

Tonight was just a joy.  No sarcasm intended, I’m completely serious.  It was just another evening at home with my husband and my baby and that is exactly why it was such a joy.  During dinner I tried to keep Joshua satisfied in his high chair long enough so I could eat my meal with two hands by giving him some pears.  This lasted all of 5 minutes and then he was begging to be in my arms.  So in my lap he sat and cuddled into my chest while I ate one-handed.  And I loved it.  In his high chair he fussed and whinned and acted miserable.  Immediately when surrounded by my arms he was happily babbling and smiling and content.  This made my heart swell to twice its size.

After dinner Joshua and I took a bath together.  He kicked and splashed and shouted with delight.  He loves the water!  As we were in the bath I had a flash back to 7 months ago when I was pregnant and in the same bathtub.  I would watch my belly move in the water as I imagined what my baby boy was going to be like.  Now here I am with a 6 month old in my lap kicking the water instead of the inside of my uterus.  A little of a surreal and perfect moment.

After the bath Joshua was just full of it.  He was kicking and laughing and screaming with enthusiasm and talking and trying really hard to crawl.  He was giving it all he had and boy is he getting close to crawling.  See for yourself.

And finally he just started to get really frustrated because he was trying so hard and couldn’t quite figure it out.

After snapping this priceless face I scooped him up and he was happy again. 🙂  I love how much he loves his Mama!!

Around 7:00, like clockwork, Joshy let out a cry that told me it was bedtime.  I fixed him a bottle, rocked and fed him until he fell asleep and put him to bed.

As much as I love playing and cuddling with my baby I also enjoy the time of night Nathan and I have to ourselves after Joshua goes down for the night.  We watched an ocean 3D movie on our new TV and it was really neat.

And that was our evening.  Wonderful in it’s simplicity.  I’m in love with my husband and I’m in love with my son and I am full of joy. ❤

1/2 Year Old

I wish I blogged more.  People who read my blog (if anyone does anymore) probably wish I blogged more, too.  I’m also guessing my Facebook friends probably wish I would just leave my photos and constant updates about Joshua for the blog instead of my Timeline.  I’ll try.

I’ve been really, I mean REALLY, busy getting my classroom ready for the school year.  I got a brand new (to me) classroom this year which is very exciting but also a lot of work because I had to pack up and move all of my stuff down the hall.  I also “inherited” a ton of supplies from the teacher that just retired and I’m so thankful for that, it is just another reason I am so busy.  I’m going through everything that was left in the classroom while bringing in my stuff.  Oh I could go on and on about everything I’m doing out at the school but this blog is about my baby.

I can’t believe he is 6 months old already.  My little infant is starting to feel like a little boy.  That is a little sad and a little fun all at the same time.

Oh he loves to stand now.  This is his new favorite toy because he can stand up and then sit down when he gets tired (which isn’t often.)  The chair rotates 360 degrees and he has toys all around him–endless entertainment!  Thanks to this thing I can shower and get ready every morning.

He also smiles with his mouth closed now.  What a funny guy.

He has figured out a few syllables and loves to babble…”Ma ma ma ma” and “Ba ba ba ba.”  He also loves to scream.  Not a mad scream, a happy scream but nonetheless a scream as high pitched as he can make his voice go.  Joshua has so much Nathan in him!

He’s sitting pretty good.  Not sitting by himself yet, still needs the props, but building up the muscles.

He’s eating solid food.  Loves bananas not a fan of green beans or carrots yet.  We’ll keep working on the veggies.

He is also going through this shy phase.  It seems a little young but when strangers come around Joshua burries his face in my chest and acts very shy.  He is a Mama’s boy and I love that about him.

Growing like a weed he is.