And So It Begins

Joshua has become mobile (kinda.)  He can roll over from his back to his front with ease now.  Which I think is wonderful because he is growing and developing just as he should be.  The problem?  He can’t roll over from his front to his back so when he gets on his stomach he’s quickly reminded how much he doesn’t like tummy time and gets frusterated.

So, when I lay him down on the floor and walk away to do a chore, Joshua quickly brings me back to his side because he wants me to flip him back over.  And 5 seconds after I put him back on his back he rolls over again and we start this little game of Joshua rolling over, getting mad, Mama turning him back over, Joshua rolling over again, getting mad and so on and so on…

But oh he loves his new trick and the freedom of being able to move (somewhat) on his own.  And I love it, too.

I wish I could freeze Joshua in time and keep him at this age for 6 more months and then I would let him continue to grow again.  He is SO SWEET right now!  He can’t crawl yet so he hasn’t discovered that independence which means he never fights my arms to put him down when I pick him up.  He loves it when I pick him up and cuddle him.  He isn’t teething yet so he’s rarely fussy.  Unless he’s tired or hungry Joshy is always happy and content.  I just love him right now at this stage and I want to keep him here for awhile.  Yes, I’m looking forward to all of the milestones and am excited for them but everyone has told me how fast it goes by and I’m already learning that as my baby will be 5 months old already on Monday!  So, I’m just cherishing this time I have right now (especially not working and getting him every minute of everyday, love it) and I’m not wishing him older by any means. 🙂


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