tiny moment #10

I’m in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner and I hear you laughing and giggling along with your dad in the living room. I look over and see you two playing on the floor. It melts my heart because my boys mean the world to me and seeing them happy, makes me happy. 🙂


The Enemy

Joshua was switched to formula at 11 weeks due to his sensitive tummy and colic-like behavior.  I had cried for weeks and weeks over this decision.  I wanted so badly to breastfeed my son.  BUT it is a decision I do not regret for one second because the day I switched to formula (Similac Sensitive) is the day Joshua turned into a different baby–happy and content.  I made the switch cold turkey.  Just stopped breastfeeding, stopped pumping, and gave Joshua formula.  It was a very easy transition.  He wasn’t fussy, the formula didn’t seem to bother his system, and he wasn’t ever constipated.

I still had a bag full of expressed breastmilk in the deep freeze.  I had hoped that he would still be able to drink it when he got a little older and his digestive system developed a little more.  So, last night I mixed 2 oz of breastmilk with Joshua’s rice cereal.  He wasn’t sure about the taste at first.  I’m sure this was because breastmilk is a lot sweeter than formula (so I’ve read.)  But he ate it nonetheless.

4 hours later it was like a flashback.  Joshua woke up screaming after I put him to bed.  He had breastmilk flying out his nose and running from his mouth down his chin.  His eyes were watering and he was not a happy baby.  I comforted him and got him back to sleep to awake 30 minutes later crying again.  This went on until around midnight.  Joshua woke up crying every 20-30 minutes.  The breastmilk still didn’t settle with his stomach.  So, I threw every single drop of it in the dumpster.

Yes, it makes me really sad that breastmilk isn’t the liquid gold for my son that it is said to be.  But it also makes me a little angry.  Angry that formula is given such a bad rep!  Is breastmilk full of essential nutrients for baby?  Of course it is!  However, it is not the answer for every baby.  At Joshua’s last doctor’s appointment Dr. Amborson said that he looks perfectly healthy and told me to continue doing exactly what I’m doing because he looks great.  Joshua has yet to get sick (which I know will happen eventually that dreaded first cold or ear infection but he has managed to make it 5 months without it and that is good for me) and is happy and content.  So, I really wish that everything I read would stop talking about formula like it is the enemy or a cop out for the lazy parent when the reality in the Tumelson household is that breastmilk is the enemy.

Like my doctor said, “Do I agree that mothers should breastfeed their babies if they are able to?  Absolutely.  But if giving your baby formula causes the child to loose brain cells I’d sure like to know which ones.”  So I will not feel guilty for my decision.  Hopefully with the next baby I will be able to breastfeed for much longer but if not that’s okay.  Joshua still reaches up and touches my face while I hold him close and snuggle him with his bottle. 🙂

4th of July

I love this year because it gets to be Joshua’s first everything!  Yesterday was his first 4th of July.

I love the 4th because it is in the heat of summer time, which I love.  It is all about family, sunshine, BBQ and happiness.  Yesterday was just that.  Joshua and I started out our day by going for a walk on the levy.  It was a beautiful morning and if you go out before 10:00am no one is really out yet so it was very peaceful.  Baby loves his stroller rides. 🙂

After that we went to Pioneer Park for America’s birthday party.  There were all kinds of games and activities for the kiddies to participate in.  The place was packed!  My dad works for P1FCU (one of the major sponsors of the event) so he was manning the sack races station.  Joshua got to spend the afternoon in the park with his grandma and papa.  It was fun.

On the way home from the park I stopped by Kmart and bought Joshua a surprise.

His first swimming pool!  I wasn’t sure what he would think but I think he liked it.  I think what he loved most was that he got to be naked, totally diaper free, and that was the best part.  But he didn’t seem to mind the water and loved the duck. 🙂

Nathan BBQ’d marinated chicken breasts while I had baby red potatoes in the crock pot.  As for the fireworks?  We were all in bed by 8:30.  Next year we’ll do the firework thing when Joshua is old enough to actually watch them.

It was a good day.

And So It Begins

Joshua has become mobile (kinda.)  He can roll over from his back to his front with ease now.  Which I think is wonderful because he is growing and developing just as he should be.  The problem?  He can’t roll over from his front to his back so when he gets on his stomach he’s quickly reminded how much he doesn’t like tummy time and gets frusterated.

So, when I lay him down on the floor and walk away to do a chore, Joshua quickly brings me back to his side because he wants me to flip him back over.  And 5 seconds after I put him back on his back he rolls over again and we start this little game of Joshua rolling over, getting mad, Mama turning him back over, Joshua rolling over again, getting mad and so on and so on…

But oh he loves his new trick and the freedom of being able to move (somewhat) on his own.  And I love it, too.

I wish I could freeze Joshua in time and keep him at this age for 6 more months and then I would let him continue to grow again.  He is SO SWEET right now!  He can’t crawl yet so he hasn’t discovered that independence which means he never fights my arms to put him down when I pick him up.  He loves it when I pick him up and cuddle him.  He isn’t teething yet so he’s rarely fussy.  Unless he’s tired or hungry Joshy is always happy and content.  I just love him right now at this stage and I want to keep him here for awhile.  Yes, I’m looking forward to all of the milestones and am excited for them but everyone has told me how fast it goes by and I’m already learning that as my baby will be 5 months old already on Monday!  So, I’m just cherishing this time I have right now (especially not working and getting him every minute of everyday, love it) and I’m not wishing him older by any means. 🙂