Joshua’s First Solid Food

Tonight Joshua sat in his high chair and had his first experience eating from a spoon.  He did so well!  I’m not sure how much he actually swallowed because most of it ended up down his chin and on his clothes.  He loves to put his hands in his mouth so he kept doing that and then of course the messy hands made for an entire outfit change after we were done.

All of these first times for Joshua are also first times for me so it makes for a very interesting experience.  I had read the box wrong and thought it said 1 tbsp of rice cereal to 4-5 OUNCES of formula.  So that is what I mixed up.  I told Nathan, “This can’t be right!  It’s liquid!”  So I read the box again and realized it meant 4-5 tbsp of formula, not ounces!  So, I had to start the preparation process all over again.  Joshua sat in his high chair, kicked his feet, and waited so patiently.  (It was a smart move on my part to feed him the 4 oz of formula from the bottle before the solid food part because he was much MUCH more patient.  Pat on the back for me.) But even though I feel like a fool most of the time because I have no idea what I’m doing, I wouldn’t trade it for the world because my first times are my most cherished times.  So here is Joshua and his first experience with solid food eating like a big boy. 🙂

I think he liked it!

Oh he is the sweetest little thing.<3

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