A Changing Boy

I come from a long line of cryers.  My family is super sentimental and not afraid to show their emotions.  My ability to cry due to loving someone too much comes from this guy:

(Handsome cowboy, isn’t he?!)

With that being said it should be no surprise to anyone in my family that today I cried over this:

Yup, rice cereal, baby spoons and Gerber bowls made me shed a few tears in the middle of Walmart today.  My baby is getting too big, too fast!  I can’t believe how quickly he is growing and changing.  He is ready to learn how to eat “solid” food out of a bowl with a spoon!  A little bit of a sad moment for this mama.

Yet, also a happy moment because Joshua is growing and developing so perfectly.  He had this well-baby check up today and doctor said he looks perfect.  Check out these stats:

41 percentile for weight yet 94th percentile for height…looks like we have a TALL and slender boy. 🙂

Now that he can roll over he does it quite a bit.  Yesterday he rolled over in his sleep for the first time and I think it freaked him out a little bit.  Normally I will hear a little bird cooing from the bedroom when Joshy wakes from a nap.  Yesterday, I heard muffled sobs.  He wasn’t so sure about waking up face down in the blankets.  Then later I set him on the floor to play with his toys…

I walked out of the room to change the laundry and when I got back I found Joshua like this:

Note to self: Don’t leave Joshua on the couch anymore!  He can move!!

Oh part of me just wishes I could freeze him at this stage for another 6 months before allowing him to contimue to grow.  He is just such a sweetheart!

BUT I know that I have to let him grow.  So tomorrow we’re going to try rice cereal for the first time.  I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures of the mess Joshua is bound to make. 🙂


Happy Monday!

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