tiny moment #9

 Tonight I took you into your bedroom for a routine diaper change on the changing table.  You are becoming such a pill bug these days you make it hard to change your diaper as you roll all over the place.  Well, tonight when you rolled onto your side I noticed there was poop all over the changing table as well as up and down your back.  It was all over the inside of your onsie and smeared pretty much everywhere at this point.  So I carefully removed your onsie trying not to get any poo in your hair.  I then started the bath.  I didn’t want to take the time to get your little baby size bathtub ready in the kitchen so I striped my own clothes off and we headed into the big, grown-up tub.  This was the first time you’ve ever been in the big bathtub.  You sat in my lap and felt the bubbles with your hands.  You were pretty slippery all wet and soapy but Mama wasn’t about to let you slip under the water.  We played in the tub and then I wrapped up my little frog prince.  Who knew that a gross mess could turn into a tiny moment I’ll always remember?  Our first bath together.


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