Happy Camper

We (Nathan, Joshua, my mom & dad, and I) went camping on Moose Creek Reservoir this weekend.  This is the third weekend trip we’ve taken with Joshua and all three times he has been the happiest little camper.

He just hung out all weekend.  He laughed and smiled and had plenty of new things to look at and discover.  He was never fussy.  When he was tired he would just go to sleep.  Most of the time I had him swaddled in the camper for a good hour nap but sometimes I would just leave him where sleep found him.

And when he was awake he was never ignored.  Between his Mama, Grandma, and Papa the kid got plenty of attention and play time.  Joshua was either all smiles and giggles or just calm and content.  I love a happy baby and I love that he is so content away from home.

And Nathan?  We were camping on a lake…where do you think Nathan was all morning/afternoon/evening?!

He was in trout country.

Sage was in her heaven, too.  Swimming, fetching sticks, and helping Nathan fish. (And by help I mean knocking his fishing tackle over and trying to eat the trout that he landed right off the end of his line.)

Everyone had a wonderful time.  For a little reservoir it is beautiful.  We watched bald eagles fishing for food, duck and geese families swimming, and the beautiful sun shining on the water.

And what a relief!  …We can still go camping as much as we please because this little bird adjusts to his surroundings and can be happy anywhere. =)

Here’s to many more camping trips! (If summer will ever come!)

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