4 Months Old

Our Joshua James is 4 months old.  Already.

Everyone always says, “Before you know it your babies will be all grown up.  Time goes so quickly.”  And you don’t really understand that statement until you actually have kids.  Time really does go by so quickly.  I think it is because babies change so much so fast.  Just four short months ago I had a newborn who seemed so fragile and delicate.  Now I have a baby that can be jostled around quite a bit more who talks and laughs and smiles.

He is SO much fun these days!  Joshua is learning to love to play.  I am silly with him and he laughs and laughs at me.  He also is learning how to manipulate things in his hands so he loves to be handed a toy.  That inevitably ends up in his mouth. 🙂

He is getting stronger and has much better neck control.  He can hold his weight on his legs and stand up with the help of Mama’s hands for balance.  He loves to sit in my lap.  And the best part is that Joshua is learning about his enviroment more and more everyday.  He recognizes different people now.  Oh how I love how his face lights up in recognition when he sees his Mama. 🙂  Best feeling in the world.

Yes, our little man is growing by the hour.

(Don’t you just want to kiss those cheeks?!)




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