Joshua’s First Solid Food

Tonight Joshua sat in his high chair and had his first experience eating from a spoon.  He did so well!  I’m not sure how much he actually swallowed because most of it ended up down his chin and on his clothes.  He loves to put his hands in his mouth so he kept doing that and then of course the messy hands made for an entire outfit change after we were done.

All of these first times for Joshua are also first times for me so it makes for a very interesting experience.  I had read the box wrong and thought it said 1 tbsp of rice cereal to 4-5 OUNCES of formula.  So that is what I mixed up.  I told Nathan, “This can’t be right!  It’s liquid!”  So I read the box again and realized it meant 4-5 tbsp of formula, not ounces!  So, I had to start the preparation process all over again.  Joshua sat in his high chair, kicked his feet, and waited so patiently.  (It was a smart move on my part to feed him the 4 oz of formula from the bottle before the solid food part because he was much MUCH more patient.  Pat on the back for me.) But even though I feel like a fool most of the time because I have no idea what I’m doing, I wouldn’t trade it for the world because my first times are my most cherished times.  So here is Joshua and his first experience with solid food eating like a big boy. 🙂

I think he liked it!

Oh he is the sweetest little thing.<3

A Changing Boy

I come from a long line of cryers.  My family is super sentimental and not afraid to show their emotions.  My ability to cry due to loving someone too much comes from this guy:

(Handsome cowboy, isn’t he?!)

With that being said it should be no surprise to anyone in my family that today I cried over this:

Yup, rice cereal, baby spoons and Gerber bowls made me shed a few tears in the middle of Walmart today.  My baby is getting too big, too fast!  I can’t believe how quickly he is growing and changing.  He is ready to learn how to eat “solid” food out of a bowl with a spoon!  A little bit of a sad moment for this mama.

Yet, also a happy moment because Joshua is growing and developing so perfectly.  He had this well-baby check up today and doctor said he looks perfect.  Check out these stats:

41 percentile for weight yet 94th percentile for height…looks like we have a TALL and slender boy. 🙂

Now that he can roll over he does it quite a bit.  Yesterday he rolled over in his sleep for the first time and I think it freaked him out a little bit.  Normally I will hear a little bird cooing from the bedroom when Joshy wakes from a nap.  Yesterday, I heard muffled sobs.  He wasn’t so sure about waking up face down in the blankets.  Then later I set him on the floor to play with his toys…

I walked out of the room to change the laundry and when I got back I found Joshua like this:

Note to self: Don’t leave Joshua on the couch anymore!  He can move!!

Oh part of me just wishes I could freeze him at this stage for another 6 months before allowing him to contimue to grow.  He is just such a sweetheart!

BUT I know that I have to let him grow.  So tomorrow we’re going to try rice cereal for the first time.  I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures of the mess Joshua is bound to make. 🙂


Happy Monday!

Getting BIG

Joshua is 4.5 months and getting so big (literally.) I went through his closet and rearranged his clothes…again. I feel like it was just a few days ago when I was putting hangers on his newborn outfits and storing away the 6+ months clothes in baskets. Well, my newborn is gone. *Sigh.* So I bagged up all the newborn up to 3 month outfits and put them out in storage. (Just in case the next baby is a boy we gotta hang on to all these brand new, only been worn a couple of times outfits.) I then hung up all the 3-6 month outfits. It is kind of fun because Joshua basically got a new wardrobe today! A whole new set of adorable clothes that I get to dress him up in. I don’t care what anyone says, boy clothes are just as cute as girl clothes when they are miniture size for baby birds. 🙂

We also reached a milestone today. Joshua rolled over. All the way. From his back to his belly. All by himself. This morning after some cuddling I laid Joshua down on the floor and just like that he rolled over. It was a good thing I was looking or I would have missed it, it was that fast. I couldn’t help my excitement which got Joshua laughing and kicking his feet really fast just because I was so excited. I ran into the bedroom and told Nathan, who was still sleeping but I didn’t think twice about waking him up because I was that excited.

It was a good day.

And since I’m writing about today I have to mention that 7 years ago today I told Nathan I was ready to commit to him. It is a long story but the gist of it is that I made Nathan work pretty hard for my heart. Finally, after quite awhile of hanging out as friends he told me that either I commit to being his girlfriend exclusively or we were done hanging out. Well, at first I hesitated and then immediately regretted my decision so the next day, on June 22, 2005, I went to his house and asked him if I could change my answer.

7 years later here we are happily married with a mortgage, a fur child, and the most precious little boy who is a combination of the two of us. (Oh, and a bass boat. Nathan wouldn’t want me to forget to mention we have a bass boat!)

Life Sentence

“Having a child is a life sentence.”  –Sandy Tumelson

That is what my mother-in-law told me while I was pregnant.  At the time I just laughed it off.  Now that Joshua is here I realize the raw truth in that statement.  I’m in it for life.  I have officially entered a lifetime of unconditional love, deep affection, constant worry and high anxiety.

Tonight Nathan, Joshua and I were sitting at the dinner table eating our supper.  Joshua was sitting in his high chair watching and smiling at his Mom and Dad when all of a sudden he let out a cry and instant tears started streaming down his face.  I’ve seen the cry click on like a switch before when he’s hungry but I have never seen instant tears.  I immediately picked him up and tried to comfort him as I made a bottle.  It had been over the 3 hour mark since he had last eaten and the out of the blue cry made me assume he was hungry.  (This was typical.)  During the feeding Joshua let out an ear-piercing cry.  I have NEVER heard him cry like that before!  This wasn’t his “This isn’t what I want” cry or his “I’m aggitated” cry this was either an “I’m really scared” cry or “I’m in a lot of pain” cry.  It was breaking my heart and putting me in an immediate panic because I had no idea what was wrong!  I couldn’t console him and I couldn’t get him to stop screaming in pain and/or fear.  The worst part of all was that I had no idea how to fix it.  In those few minutes that seemed like hours I started thinking, “Should we take him to the hospital?  Something is wrong? What is wrong?”  And then, it stopped.  I gave him back the bottle, he drank the rest of his formula, and fell asleep as soon as I put him in his crib.

I have one idea as to what could have gone wrong.  During the meltdown I had pulled one of my long hairs out of his hand.  Shortly after I had removed the hair from his hand he stopped crying.  I think one of my hairs (that he had no doubtly pulled out of my head as he’s always grabbing onto my hair these days) had wrapped around one of his fingers.  The hair must have cut off the circulation in his finger which would explain the instant, out of nowhere tears and the cries of pain.

Really, I have no idea.  But it scared the hell out of me.  I don’t ever want to hear my baby cry like that again.  With my life sentence…it’s inevitable.

That is just the way it is when you have children.  It isn’t smiles and giggles every single day.  There are moments when it is exhausting and terrifying.


tiny moment #9

 Tonight I took you into your bedroom for a routine diaper change on the changing table.  You are becoming such a pill bug these days you make it hard to change your diaper as you roll all over the place.  Well, tonight when you rolled onto your side I noticed there was poop all over the changing table as well as up and down your back.  It was all over the inside of your onsie and smeared pretty much everywhere at this point.  So I carefully removed your onsie trying not to get any poo in your hair.  I then started the bath.  I didn’t want to take the time to get your little baby size bathtub ready in the kitchen so I striped my own clothes off and we headed into the big, grown-up tub.  This was the first time you’ve ever been in the big bathtub.  You sat in my lap and felt the bubbles with your hands.  You were pretty slippery all wet and soapy but Mama wasn’t about to let you slip under the water.  We played in the tub and then I wrapped up my little frog prince.  Who knew that a gross mess could turn into a tiny moment I’ll always remember?  Our first bath together.


Rolling Over

Joshua is trying SO hard to roll over and getting SO close! Today every time I put him on his back he rolled onto his side, strained his neck, and tried to get all the way over. I just want to give him that little extra push but I know there are just some things he has to learn to do all on his own. This is the first of many things I can’t do for him in order for him to become successful. I’m 100% confident that with my continued encouragement and his continued efforts Joshua will be rolling over in no time at all! 🙂









tiny moment #8

This happens every morning and this morning was no execption.  I am up before the rest of the family getting your Daddy’s lunch ready and the coffee going.  After kissing Daddy goodbye for work I hear little noises coming from your bedroom.  I open the door and see you looking around from inside your crib.  As I peek over the rails your face lights up with a big smile as you see me.  “Good Morning Baby!”

Happy Camper

We (Nathan, Joshua, my mom & dad, and I) went camping on Moose Creek Reservoir this weekend.  This is the third weekend trip we’ve taken with Joshua and all three times he has been the happiest little camper.

He just hung out all weekend.  He laughed and smiled and had plenty of new things to look at and discover.  He was never fussy.  When he was tired he would just go to sleep.  Most of the time I had him swaddled in the camper for a good hour nap but sometimes I would just leave him where sleep found him.

And when he was awake he was never ignored.  Between his Mama, Grandma, and Papa the kid got plenty of attention and play time.  Joshua was either all smiles and giggles or just calm and content.  I love a happy baby and I love that he is so content away from home.

And Nathan?  We were camping on a lake…where do you think Nathan was all morning/afternoon/evening?!

He was in trout country.

Sage was in her heaven, too.  Swimming, fetching sticks, and helping Nathan fish. (And by help I mean knocking his fishing tackle over and trying to eat the trout that he landed right off the end of his line.)

Everyone had a wonderful time.  For a little reservoir it is beautiful.  We watched bald eagles fishing for food, duck and geese families swimming, and the beautiful sun shining on the water.

And what a relief!  …We can still go camping as much as we please because this little bird adjusts to his surroundings and can be happy anywhere. =)

Here’s to many more camping trips! (If summer will ever come!)


tiny moment #7

Now that you can sit in my lap I decided it is time to start reading books to you.  So I picked out one of my favorites, “Are You My Mother?” and read it to you with you seated preciously in my lap with your favorite blanket.  You looked at the pictures and listened to my voice.  The colorful pictures on the book held your attention the entire story.  I loved when you reached out to touch the pages.  You are going to be a reader and lover of books.  I can already tell.  =)

4 Months Old

Our Joshua James is 4 months old.  Already.

Everyone always says, “Before you know it your babies will be all grown up.  Time goes so quickly.”  And you don’t really understand that statement until you actually have kids.  Time really does go by so quickly.  I think it is because babies change so much so fast.  Just four short months ago I had a newborn who seemed so fragile and delicate.  Now I have a baby that can be jostled around quite a bit more who talks and laughs and smiles.

He is SO much fun these days!  Joshua is learning to love to play.  I am silly with him and he laughs and laughs at me.  He also is learning how to manipulate things in his hands so he loves to be handed a toy.  That inevitably ends up in his mouth. 🙂

He is getting stronger and has much better neck control.  He can hold his weight on his legs and stand up with the help of Mama’s hands for balance.  He loves to sit in my lap.  And the best part is that Joshua is learning about his enviroment more and more everyday.  He recognizes different people now.  Oh how I love how his face lights up in recognition when he sees his Mama. 🙂  Best feeling in the world.

Yes, our little man is growing by the hour.

(Don’t you just want to kiss those cheeks?!)