Joshua James is the sweetest little boy.  As a newborn he was precious and sweet and I completely fell in love with him.  Now, at 3.5 months I absolutely adore him.  He smiles and giggles and kicks his feet really fast.  He flirts and sucks on his hands and likes to be held in the sitting position because he feels like a big boy.  He tries to sit up on his own everytime I put him in his bouncy seat.  He’s changing and growing all the time and everytime he does something new I fall more in love with him.

This weekend is the first Memorial Day weekend I can ever remember that we’re not going camping.  The weather report called for 50 degrees and rainy in the mountains, not camping weather for a tiny boy.  I’m anxious to take Joshua on his first trip on the North Fork but I think we’ll wait until the weather is quite a bit warmer.  I’m still really looking forward to the weekend because I get three whole days hanging out with my boy!  We have a BBQ with some good friends tonight and just relaxing the rest of the time.  Perfect.

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