Finally…An Update!

Wow…it has been far too long since my last blog!  Joshua was 6 weeks old the last time I posted and he’s now 3 1/2 months!!!  He looks so different now from the last pictures I posted.  See?

Rolling onto his side now. 🙂

Going back to work was more challenging than I anticipated.  By the end of my maternity leave I was saying, “This stay at home mom thing is not for me.  I’m ready to go back to work.”  And I love my job…I really LOVE my job!  How many people can say that?  I’m so lucky.  But being away from Joshua all day, every day is hard.  I only get to see him a few hours in the evening before he goes to bed.  Saturday and Sunday are my only full days with him.  Sometimes I can’t help but think to myself, “Does he know I’m his mom?”  It’s a silly thought I know, but he sees me the least out of anyone.  It tugs at my heart.  Needless to say I’m really looking forward to summer vacation starting in 2 weeks when I’ll get to be with my little boy every day again. (And by the end of August I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune.  Ah the bittersweetness of being a working mom.)

Life is different.  I’m different.  This job is the HARDEST job there is.  I say job because it takes work to raise a child.  I am at Joshua’s side every time he asks for me, every time.  Regardless of the time, what I’m in the middle of, or what I need to get done (like go to the bathroom) I drop everything to tend to him when he needs me.  It is a 100% selfless job.

With that being said, I get to look into those beautiful eyes everyday and tell him, “I’m your mom.”  No one else gets to say that to him.   Only me.

I get to be that special person in his life.  His first love.  So I will do this job over and over again because it is so worth it.  Every second.

Joshua gets a gold medal in sleeping.  He has been sleeping through the night since he was 9 weeks old.  We’re in the routine of going to bed every night at 7:00pm and he doesn’t wake again until 5:00am.  I’ll feed him at 5:00am and usually he’ll go back down til 6:00am.  We’re early risers in this house because Nathan and I both have to be to work by 7:00am.  He’s awesome about going down, too.  I’ll feed him, swaddle him, in the crib he goes and fast asleep he falls.  He’s never been one to cry himself to sleep.  It’s so wonderful!

Eating has been our issue.  Oh the tears I’ve cried over Joshua’s sensitive stomach.  I finally gave up breastfeeding which completely broke my heart.  It was a decision I agonized over for weeks before I finally made the switch to formula.  When I finally did, you know what happened?  Our baby transformed from a screaming, burping, throwing up, unsettled baby (crying for hours every. single. night.) to a happy and content baby.  And I, the ball of stress, mellowed out and started to enjoy motherhood that much more.

Joshua has started to giggle.  Oh it’s so cute!  SO CUTE.

He has quite a bit more neck control.  When he’s laying down Nathan will grab him by the arms and bring him to a sit-up position and Joshua can hold his head without it flopping back.  The other day Nathan brought Joshua all the way to a standing up position from lying on the floor.

And he’s such a flirt!

Ohhh my little bird has come such a long way in just 3 months.

From a newborn…

To a baby…


One thought on “Finally…An Update!

  1. He is so cute!! I cannot believe he is already almost 4 months old. Time really does go by so quickly! And….he TOTALLY knows he is your mama! No one else holds him or rocks him or cuddles him quite like you do, and he knows it. 🙂 He’s so beautiful, good job you guys!

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