Goodbye Dairy

I’m kicking all (okay, most) dairy products for one week.  Why you ask?  Because this little bird has a very unsettled stomach.

Haha.  Okay, it wasn’t his stomach that caused this face, he was just getting tired of his rainforest when I snapped this photo, but it looks like a “my tummy hurts” face.  Don’t you agree?  Or maybe a “the gas I just passed from my unsettled tummy doesn’t smell very good” face.

It’s true.  My little bird who loves to eat finds Mama’s breastmilk unsettling, causing a lot of spit-up (out the nose even, poor baby), rumbling in the belly, passing gas, and fussiness.  Which totally sucks because breastmilk is supposed to be a liquid gem for baby and  I’m breastfeeding exclusively.  Even though it has been the most challegening part of infant care so far it is really important to me to get it right and make it work.  So that is where the dairy experiment comes from. 

For one week no more milk.

Milk became my pregnancy food.  I had liked milk before I got pregnant, especially chocolate milk, but during my pregnancy I started to consume a lot of milk.   I had two full glasses a day.  One with breakfast and one with dinner.  Sometimes I would even have a chocolate milk with lunch.  So cutting milk alone is going to be hard.

No more cheese.

Nathan loves cheese…loves it!  So, I cook with a lot of cheese.  I add shredded cheese to a lot of things.  Fattening I know but adds so much deliciousness to foods.  I will still cook with cheese for Nathan but I’ll put it on the side.  No cheese for me please.

No more icecream.

This one really sucks.  Icecream is my dessert of choice.  There is almost always a quart of it in our freezer for an after dinner treat. 

Wow, saying all this out loud (you know what I mean) I realize I am not a healthy eater!  Cutting these major dairy products out of my diet will not only help my baby’s belly but my belly as well!  It is time to loose the remainder of this pregnancy weight.

So, I hope this works.  I’m not going to like cutting these things out of my diet for a significant amount of time but it will be worth it.  Joshua will wake suddenly from sleep crying and fussing because of his unsettled belly.  His poor eyes will get all red and watery as he tries to burp out milk.  He’ll kick his feet and grunt around until milk finally flies out his nose.  He’ll cough and whine.  Poor baby! 😦  I spend a good part of the day walking around with him on my shoulder patting his back.  I feel so helpless because I can’t get the spit-up to come up for him.  So if no dairy is what it takes to make a happy baby with a happy tummy it is SO worth it!!  If I don’t see a change after this week, then I will try something else.  But I’m not giving up.

Wish us luck!

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