Days Like Today

It is Noon.  My hair is frizzy from being air-dried, but it is washed (currently spit-up free) so we’re making progress.  Baby boy decided to take a quick nap so I did get to shower.  As soon as I turned the water off I heard the loud cries coming from the living room.  I grabbed a towel and rushed out to remind Joshua that he’s not alone in this big scary world and that Mama did not in fact leave him.  Pretty sure I dripped water all the way.  Who needs to actually dry off with a towel anyway?  For that matter, who needs to comb the tangles out of their hair?  Joshua doesn’t think anyone really needs to do these things, he’d rather be cuddled.  So we cuddled.  How could you not cuddle this little cutie?

And boy does he want cuddles today.  In fact, every time I put him down he wails.  This is not his typical behavior.  He must be feeling a little extra needy today.  I haven’t been able to get anything done all morning.   He FINALLY went down for a nap but it wasn’t without effort.  It took the magic of a binky and a motion glider (thank you Ruthie Prasil!  It has been a life saver) to get those big, bright, beautiful eyes to finally close.

Nope, the bed isn’t made.  Yes, the dirty dishes are still sitting in the sink.  That’s right, I’m barely dressed.  And what am I doing while the baby sleeps?  Blogging.   I know my time is limited before those little eyes wake back up so I should be using my time more productively.  In fact, right now as I write about this I hear little squeaks coming from the other side of the couch. 

The binky has been spit out, the eyes have opened…this can only mean one thing…

Told you my time was limited.

So, I cuddled the little bird some more and back down he went.  And some days are just like that.  Joshua is teaching me what it means to be a mommy.  Life is no longer about me.   And that’s okay.  Because even on days like today, when Joshy is a complete fussy pants, I still get to kiss those little cheeks 100 times.

Being a mommy is the best.  Everyday.  Even on days like today. ❤


One thought on “Days Like Today

  1. I don’t know if I told you this, but when I had a newborn, I got the best advice . . . Don’t wake up each day with any expectations about anything– laundry, dishes, bills . . . Then if you do actually get something done, it’s a huge accomplishment!!!

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