Such a BOY!

This little man is just that…a little man.


See that fist?  He’s ready to take on anyone who calls him a girl!  Okay, not really.  Joshy is much too sweet to fight anyone. 


But he really is all boy.  He rarely cries, he grunts.  A deep grunt.  Sometimes his grunts mean he isn’t happy.  Sometimes I think he just grunts because he likes to.  He grunts when he’s trying to wake up.  He grunts when he’s hungry.  He’s just a grunter.

He’s also tough like a boy.  SO tough!  He was circumcised last week and after this appointment he took it like a champ.  Never showed any signs of pain through a single diaper change.  I bought the boy some baby tylenol just in case and he didn’t even need it. 

He’s just a handsome little man.


And he completes our family.  Nathan and I have been together for 7 years.  We dated for 5 years before we got married.  We were married a year before we got pregnant.  We came to the point in our relationship where we were ready for the next step.  We have had so many great years doing things together just the two of us.  We are ready to experience life in a new way–through the eyes of a little boy.

We are SO excited for all of the fun things we get to do with this little guy.  Camping trips, holidays, fishing, summers in the backyard.  Ohh I can’t wait! 

Just hanging out at home on the floor is ten times more fun!


And cooking dinner is much more enjoyable with this little helper.


Ohh so soon (too soon) he’ll be running around, playing in the dirt, falling down, climbing trees, catching fish and frogs.  Because he is all boy.  I can’t wait to see just what kind of boy he’ll be. Besides adorable. We already know he’s going to stay adorable.






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