Life Changes

Everyone told us “You just wait, you’re life is about to change.”

Well, they were right.

What they didn’t specify was how much BETTER life would be after our son finally arrived.  One common theme is how quickly time passes when you have children.  We are already learning the truth in that as hours pass by just gazing at Joshua’s face,

kissing his sweet little nose,

and just hanging out together.

 Boredom rarely exists because life has more meaning and purpose. 

Evidence of the changes in mine and Nathan’s new life is everywhere. 

Like a little blue blanket found on the arm of Nathan’s recliner.

Or my chair transformed into a breastfeeding station.

A new kind of dishes to wash.

And a small little something left on the arm of the couch.

Yes, life as we knew it is gone. 

 And this life?  The new one with this little man…

couldn’t be better!!! 🙂

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