The nesting instinct in expecting women is real.  It kicks into high gear as the due date approaches.  I’ve been blessed with 3 baby showers that have resulted in Nathan and I getting everything we need as new parents.  As we’ve been receiving things I’ve done this with them.

Yup, just thrown them in the nursery.  Set them aside for another day.  Or I’ve done this.

Just shoved it all in the closet.

Until luckily today the nesting instinct set in. 

 I started with the bottom of the closet first because it made my skin crawl the most.  I had taken all the baby essentials like these…

and this…

…as well as blankets, burp rags, bottles, etc. and stuffed it all into a very unorganized mess.

So, I pulled it all out of the bottom of the closet…

 I Feeling a little overwhelmed at first, not sure where to start, I put all the diapers and wipes in a designated spot in the garage.  Some of it I just needed OUT of that room!  I put the receiving blankets in a plastic tub.  I also hung an organizer on the back of the bedroom door where I put all of the lotions, creams, and shampoos.  The bottom of the closet soon looked MUCH better!

Next it was time to tackle the good stuff.  BABY CLOTHES!  I have met many great women in the last couple of years who are wonderful mothers to the cutest little boys.  And these mamas  have passed a lot of their clothes down to me (yay!)  I have a plethora of sizes newborn to 12 months.  So today was all about organizing by sizes.  I dumped the clothes out on the floor and started piles by sizes.  I had another slightly overwhelming mess! (This post is just covered in sarcasm.)

This part took me HOURS!  I started seperating by the tags but soon noticed that some 0-3 month clothes looked more like 0 and some looked more like 3.  Some 3-6 month looked more like 3 and some looked more like 6.  So, I started to just eyeball it and ended up with a 0-3 mo small and 0-3 mo large basket.  I eventually got all of the clothes seperated into baskets by size.  The closet makes me smile now instead of want to slam the door shut.

I am a happier mama bird with an organized nest.  Hear that baby bird?  We’re ready for you whenever you’re ready to come out and greet the world. 🙂

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