36 weeks

Well, it’s here.  The month many of us have been waiting for, 9th month of pregnancy.  When people hear this their first repsonse is always, “Holy cow your pregnancy has flown by!”  I always say something like, “I know, right?”  But the truth is my pregnancy hasn’t flown by for me.  I feel like I have been pregnant forever!  And I don’t mean that in a negative way at all.  I’ve had a wonderful pregnancy but looking back on it I can hardly remember what it feels like to not be pregnant.  My first trimester over the summer of throwing up, taking long walks, and longer naps feels like a year ago.  Our ultrasound seems like a distant memory.  But what a blessing to take this pregnancy day by day and enjoy the milestones of every week.  I think that is why my pregnancy has felt so long…because I haven’t let it just pass me by.  I’ve tried really hard to take good care of myself.  I have focused on enjoying being pregnant and constantly remind myself to be thankful for how blessed we’ve been throughout these last 8 months.  We’ve had zero complications, a healthy mama, and a healthy baby.

So here’s to the 9th month!  May the end of this process of baby making continue to be uncomplicated, healthy, and right on track.  May I continue to stay positive and not rush these final weeks. 

I started my weekly doctor visits today.  It was a very positive appointment.  Baby is still head down and measuring normal.  Doctor Urquhart said he estimates he’ll be around 7-7.5 lbs.  Nurse Lori says she is hearing a strong, healthy heart rate that bounces back and forth between the 130’s and 140’s.  My blood pressure is good and I have no swelling.  So, we’re doing well.  🙂

And we’re getting bigger!

My plans for the next couple of weeks include organizing baby’s closet & clothes, installing the carseat, finish reading my baby books, and go out on a date with my husband before baby gets here.

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