Nathan’s Diaper Party

One time a friend said to me, “Are you going to have a diaper party?”  I had never heard of such a thing but loved the idea of Nathan getting a baby party of his own.  The new daddy just doesn’t get enough recognition during the pregnancy.  I had a baby shower and got to feel special as everyone celebrated with me so I wanted Nathan to get that, too.  Since men and women’s idea of a party for this sort of thing are very different (I can’t see a room full of guys sitting around watching Nathan open baby gifts as they “ohhh” and “ahhh”) we decided to have a diaper party.  Basically, we called all of our friends and told them to bring a package of diapers and a case of beer and celebrate Nathan becoming a new dad. 

So, I put it all together.  I put a pork roast in the crock pot and made french dip sandwiches.  I also had a veggie plate, chips, and dips.  I even tried making a cake for the very first time.  I am not a baker.  So, it was…interesting.  Even though it didn’t look professional everyone seemed to think it tasted alright. 🙂

(Yep, the writing is slanting downhill…first attempt.)

We got a lot of diapers at this party!

I had planned on food, cake, and diapers for a diaper party….what I didn’t realize happened at a diaper party was this…

Apparently, you’re supposed to wear diapers to a diaper party. 😉

We had a lot of fun.  I got to play hostess, which I love, and everyone got to play games, drink, and have a good time.  After this the pictures started to become less appropriate for an internet blog as you can imagine would happen with a bunch of guys in diapers with cases of beer.  Needless to say, the party was a success. 

And now Nathan and I will just enjoy our last few weeks of being a 2 person family and anxiously anticipate the arrival of our little boy.  ❤

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