Flashback: Gender Reveal Party

I wish I would have started this blog when I first found out I was pregnant, but I didn’t, and so I missed documenting some important milestones in this pregnancy.  I’ve found a solution though, flashbacks.  So please flashback (or rewind) to September 22nd, our ultrasound.

Nathan and I wanted the ultrasound to be a special, private thing between the two of us.  Since this is our first baby we don’t know what to expect and this anticipation creates a real excitement that we want to experience together.  However, we also wanted to make the ultrasound day special to our parents because this baby is also very important to some new grandparents.  So I decided to have a Gender Reveal Party for the new grandparents and great grandparents.  I handmade each invitation.

Right after the ultrasound Nathan and I headed to Honks and bought balloons.  Then we headed to Shopko to find a gender specific…something.  I’m wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly but figured I would know when I saw it.  We were so giddy as we looked through all of the BLUE stuff and knew that we were the only two people who knew it was a little boy growing inside.  Then I found these bibs I fell in love with and bought two of them.

When we got home I wrapped up the balloons and bibs in two different boxes.  I didn’t want anything about the outside of the present to give away what was inside the present so I wrapped it in newspaper. 

Nathan and I had everything ready just in time for the party to begin.  My mom and dad, Nathan’s mom and dad, my Grandma and Papa Eikum, my Papa Jim, and my Granny and Grandpa Larry were all in attendance and very anxious to find out our news.  I am terrible at keeping a straight face and a secret so we made the announcement first thing.  No one had any idea how I planned to reveal the news.  I had everyone gather around and put two chairs front and center.  I asked the two new grandmas to sit in the chairs and I placed a gift in front of each one of them.  Ohh the excitement in the air as they opened.

And finally, they got the boxes open.

I LOVE this picture!  Their faces are priceless!  Momma Sandy was looking right at Nathan.  It’s a boy!!! 😀

Then we passed around the ultrasound pictures and told everyone all about it.  Then we ate and drank and were merry. 🙂

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