Sick…while 8 Months Pregnant

I’ve been pretty fortunate this school year…I’m usually sick most of the year.  So far we’re almost halfway through the school year and I’ve only been sick twice.  However, I’ve discovered that when you’re pregnant illness hits twice as hard.  Let me explain exactly what I mean.  This was just this morning, backing up to 3 hours ago. 

5:00a.m.  I am lying in bed…awake and miserable.  My head is pounding, my eyes are sore, my nasal passages are so congested I have to breathe through my mouth, my jaw aches, I’m coughing, and I have acid reflux (my new pregnancy symptom.)  To top it all off there is nothing I can do about it!  Yes, I know Tylenol and Robitusson are doctor approved during pregnancy but I didn’t have any at 5:00 this morning.  So what do I do?  I start crying.  That was my solution.  Not a very good one might I add because we all know what happens when you cry…your nose starts to run more, your eyes become even more sore & watery, and I basically put every symptom I was having in overdrive.  Perfect. 

I have loved being pregnant and I still do.  However, the last couple of days (especially this morning) being sick and 8 months pregnant when I’m starting to feel the weight of carrying around this baby and am not always very comfortable, I have found myself enjoying it less.  So please allow me to have this one not so positive post and throw myself a pity party. =)

I hope to be back to feeling like myself again very soon.  I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow so maybe he’ll have some good advice on baby safe ways to get this mama feeling better!

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