Nathan and I started a Lamaze class through St. Joe’s.  As we were signing in on the first day some familiar faces walked in–John and Tasha Rudolph.  I was excited to see them!  Tasha and I are due only a week apart.  It has been fun to go through pregnancy together at the same stages.  So, as fate would have it, we have a wonderful couple to share this class with. 

The nurse who is teaching the class seems really great.  Some may call her hyperactive and a tad ADHD, I’ll just say she’s passionate.  She is also the lactation consultant for St. Joe’s which already puts me at some ease being able to meet her before I ever get to the hospital.  (Have I ever mentioned that the unknown is a very scary thing for me?  Well it is.  Which is why simple acts such as meeting people I will encounter in advance and learning as much as possible about labor, delivery, breastfeeding, and babies eases some of my anxiety.  Thank goodness we get a tour of the hospital prior to the big day!)  We started off with introductions and basic anatomy.  Unfortunately, the videos have not been updated.  I was hoping for something made at least after the year 2000.  No dice. 

Our first activity was a questionaire Nathan and I had to give each other.  I would ask him the questions and write down his answers then Nathan would ask me the same questions and write down my responses.  This was quite comical due to the differences between men and women. 

Question #1: “What is your main reason for taking this class?”
Tara: “Being prepared eases my anxiety.”
Nathan: “My wife told me to.”

Question #2: “When I’m hot, tired, and frusterated I want my partner to…”
Tara: “Give me a hug and a kiss.”
Nathan: “Get me a beer.”

Question #3: “Birth is…”
Tara: “Scary.”
Nathan: “Scary.”

Okay, so we’re not on completely different pages. 

This class has been good for us.  I know Nathan doesn’t look forward to going to this class on Thursdays nights like I do, but he goes without complaint because he knows how important it is to me.  And because he is a very sensitive guy who would do anything for me and secretly wants to know his role in this process so he doesn’t actually mind going to Lamaze, but don’t tell him I told you that. 😉

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