Baby Shower Part II

If you’ve been reading my blog, or been paying attention to me at all while I’ve been pregnant, than you know exactly how much I adore baby clothes.  I was so excited to get some of the CUTEST baby clothes at my shower. 

I also got some very useful stuff.  This first time Mama really appreciates receiving useful gifts.  Like this for example:

Love this! My momma, Sandy, made me a breast feeding blanket.  I’m sure there is a special name for it but this one is homemade and much more special.

And books!  I was so excited to receive some of baby boy’s first books!  I can’t wait to read these to him every night before bed. 🙂

I have some wonderful people in my life who made my day special by being there and getting excited about the baby with me.  Thank you to everyone who came and spoiled this little boy rotton. 

Heidi has been in my life since I was in high school.  She has been such a special friend over the years.  She has always been my cheerleader–the friend who just gets excited about every little life event.  Heidi takes the simple things in life and celebrates them.  Her excitement is contagious. 

I met Shelley when I became her student teacher out at Asotin.  We instantly became friends thorugh working together.  Shelley is the FUN friend–this gal brings the fun!  I’ve learned a lot from her about teaching and children.  She’s the friend I go to for advice and a bottle of wine. 🙂

Amy–my Maid of Honor.  She is the type of friend I can go months without talking to and when I see her we immediatly fall into our comfortable patterns and can talk about anything.  So glad she came!

Brandi married Matt, one of Nathan’s really good friends and co-workers.  So naturally, we met through our men.  She has become a really good friend.  Brandi is the friend that will always be 100% honest with you and not hold anything back.  She is down-to-earth and laid back.  I really enjoy spending time with her and am so happy that we have gotton to know each other better.  And this little cutie?

Raelynn.  Matt and Brandi’s daughter.  She was born February 12th this year and with my due date being February 7th, they just might end up with the same birthday. 🙂  She is the SWEETEST little girl and just like her mom, very chill.  Happy as a clam this girl.  Okay, one more picture just because she is so adorable.

I was really happy Jesse was able to make it.  We’ve known each other for quite awhile being in the same circle of friends and she is the nicest person I know, hands down.  I always enjoy being around her.  Annnd her son is SO handsome!  This little man was very well behaved and wanted to be in the middle of it all.  He’s fun!

Jenna Wessels.  We are pregnant together and really excited about it!  Jenna married my life-long friend, Steve Jr..  My parents were best friends with Steve and Gail Wessels long before I was born so they have always been a part of my life.  Steve Jr. is just a year older than I am so we grew up playing together while our parents enjoyed each other’s company. 😉  Now we are just tickled to be having children at the same time who can grow up playing together the way we did. 

Many other special people were there as well but I didn’t get pictures taken with everyone.  I was very happy to have Kathy and Tina there…the Greene family have become a pretty significant part of my life.  Calen, Cara, Britt, my aunt Lori, Granny, my mom’s best friend, Lisa were all in attendance.  Again, I can’t express how blessed I feel to have all of these people in my life who support me.  So THANK YOU to everyone who shared in my special day.  I can’t wait to introduce the world to Joshua James. =)

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