Head Down!

I had a check-up appointment today at 34 weeks and 1 day.  Weight gain is still exactly where my doctor wants it: a pound a week.  My blood pressure is good and heartbeat in the 140’s is still strong.  All happy news.  Then doctor pushed around on my uterus a bit and said, “Baby feels like he’s head down and should stay that way.”  Yay!!  No more worries of a breech baby.  This little guy is doing exactly what he’s supposed to and will now start lowering himself down in my pelvis.  He could be making his grand entrance anywhere from 4-8 weeks from now.  Ahhh we get to meet this little boy soon! 😀

Here’s the 34 week belly.

Flashback: Gender Reveal Party

I wish I would have started this blog when I first found out I was pregnant, but I didn’t, and so I missed documenting some important milestones in this pregnancy.  I’ve found a solution though, flashbacks.  So please flashback (or rewind) to September 22nd, our ultrasound.

Nathan and I wanted the ultrasound to be a special, private thing between the two of us.  Since this is our first baby we don’t know what to expect and this anticipation creates a real excitement that we want to experience together.  However, we also wanted to make the ultrasound day special to our parents because this baby is also very important to some new grandparents.  So I decided to have a Gender Reveal Party for the new grandparents and great grandparents.  I handmade each invitation.

Right after the ultrasound Nathan and I headed to Honks and bought balloons.  Then we headed to Shopko to find a gender specific…something.  I’m wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly but figured I would know when I saw it.  We were so giddy as we looked through all of the BLUE stuff and knew that we were the only two people who knew it was a little boy growing inside.  Then I found these bibs I fell in love with and bought two of them.

When we got home I wrapped up the balloons and bibs in two different boxes.  I didn’t want anything about the outside of the present to give away what was inside the present so I wrapped it in newspaper. 

Nathan and I had everything ready just in time for the party to begin.  My mom and dad, Nathan’s mom and dad, my Grandma and Papa Eikum, my Papa Jim, and my Granny and Grandpa Larry were all in attendance and very anxious to find out our news.  I am terrible at keeping a straight face and a secret so we made the announcement first thing.  No one had any idea how I planned to reveal the news.  I had everyone gather around and put two chairs front and center.  I asked the two new grandmas to sit in the chairs and I placed a gift in front of each one of them.  Ohh the excitement in the air as they opened.

And finally, they got the boxes open.

I LOVE this picture!  Their faces are priceless!  Momma Sandy was looking right at Nathan.  It’s a boy!!! 😀

Then we passed around the ultrasound pictures and told everyone all about it.  Then we ate and drank and were merry. 🙂

Sick…while 8 Months Pregnant

I’ve been pretty fortunate this school year…I’m usually sick most of the year.  So far we’re almost halfway through the school year and I’ve only been sick twice.  However, I’ve discovered that when you’re pregnant illness hits twice as hard.  Let me explain exactly what I mean.  This was just this morning, backing up to 3 hours ago. 

5:00a.m.  I am lying in bed…awake and miserable.  My head is pounding, my eyes are sore, my nasal passages are so congested I have to breathe through my mouth, my jaw aches, I’m coughing, and I have acid reflux (my new pregnancy symptom.)  To top it all off there is nothing I can do about it!  Yes, I know Tylenol and Robitusson are doctor approved during pregnancy but I didn’t have any at 5:00 this morning.  So what do I do?  I start crying.  That was my solution.  Not a very good one might I add because we all know what happens when you cry…your nose starts to run more, your eyes become even more sore & watery, and I basically put every symptom I was having in overdrive.  Perfect. 

I have loved being pregnant and I still do.  However, the last couple of days (especially this morning) being sick and 8 months pregnant when I’m starting to feel the weight of carrying around this baby and am not always very comfortable, I have found myself enjoying it less.  So please allow me to have this one not so positive post and throw myself a pity party. =)

I hope to be back to feeling like myself again very soon.  I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow so maybe he’ll have some good advice on baby safe ways to get this mama feeling better!


Nathan and I started a Lamaze class through St. Joe’s.  As we were signing in on the first day some familiar faces walked in–John and Tasha Rudolph.  I was excited to see them!  Tasha and I are due only a week apart.  It has been fun to go through pregnancy together at the same stages.  So, as fate would have it, we have a wonderful couple to share this class with. 

The nurse who is teaching the class seems really great.  Some may call her hyperactive and a tad ADHD, I’ll just say she’s passionate.  She is also the lactation consultant for St. Joe’s which already puts me at some ease being able to meet her before I ever get to the hospital.  (Have I ever mentioned that the unknown is a very scary thing for me?  Well it is.  Which is why simple acts such as meeting people I will encounter in advance and learning as much as possible about labor, delivery, breastfeeding, and babies eases some of my anxiety.  Thank goodness we get a tour of the hospital prior to the big day!)  We started off with introductions and basic anatomy.  Unfortunately, the videos have not been updated.  I was hoping for something made at least after the year 2000.  No dice. 

Our first activity was a questionaire Nathan and I had to give each other.  I would ask him the questions and write down his answers then Nathan would ask me the same questions and write down my responses.  This was quite comical due to the differences between men and women. 

Question #1: “What is your main reason for taking this class?”
Tara: “Being prepared eases my anxiety.”
Nathan: “My wife told me to.”

Question #2: “When I’m hot, tired, and frusterated I want my partner to…”
Tara: “Give me a hug and a kiss.”
Nathan: “Get me a beer.”

Question #3: “Birth is…”
Tara: “Scary.”
Nathan: “Scary.”

Okay, so we’re not on completely different pages. 

This class has been good for us.  I know Nathan doesn’t look forward to going to this class on Thursdays nights like I do, but he goes without complaint because he knows how important it is to me.  And because he is a very sensitive guy who would do anything for me and secretly wants to know his role in this process so he doesn’t actually mind going to Lamaze, but don’t tell him I told you that. 😉

33 Weeks and Growing

If you haven’t seen me in awhile, I’m obtuse.  Nathan told me he thinks my belly gets bigger everyday.  I’ve reached the point now where every couple of days him and I will look in the mirror at my naked belly and just kind of shake our heads…unsure how that thing can still possibly be growing!  It is said that the baby will gain .5lbs a week from now until his birthday.  So it only makes sense.  Growing baby=growing belly.  Here I am at 33 weeks.


Baby Shower Part II

If you’ve been reading my blog, or been paying attention to me at all while I’ve been pregnant, than you know exactly how much I adore baby clothes.  I was so excited to get some of the CUTEST baby clothes at my shower. 

I also got some very useful stuff.  This first time Mama really appreciates receiving useful gifts.  Like this for example:

Love this! My momma, Sandy, made me a breast feeding blanket.  I’m sure there is a special name for it but this one is homemade and much more special.

And books!  I was so excited to receive some of baby boy’s first books!  I can’t wait to read these to him every night before bed. 🙂

I have some wonderful people in my life who made my day special by being there and getting excited about the baby with me.  Thank you to everyone who came and spoiled this little boy rotton. 

Heidi has been in my life since I was in high school.  She has been such a special friend over the years.  She has always been my cheerleader–the friend who just gets excited about every little life event.  Heidi takes the simple things in life and celebrates them.  Her excitement is contagious. 

I met Shelley when I became her student teacher out at Asotin.  We instantly became friends thorugh working together.  Shelley is the FUN friend–this gal brings the fun!  I’ve learned a lot from her about teaching and children.  She’s the friend I go to for advice and a bottle of wine. 🙂

Amy–my Maid of Honor.  She is the type of friend I can go months without talking to and when I see her we immediatly fall into our comfortable patterns and can talk about anything.  So glad she came!

Brandi married Matt, one of Nathan’s really good friends and co-workers.  So naturally, we met through our men.  She has become a really good friend.  Brandi is the friend that will always be 100% honest with you and not hold anything back.  She is down-to-earth and laid back.  I really enjoy spending time with her and am so happy that we have gotton to know each other better.  And this little cutie?

Raelynn.  Matt and Brandi’s daughter.  She was born February 12th this year and with my due date being February 7th, they just might end up with the same birthday. 🙂  She is the SWEETEST little girl and just like her mom, very chill.  Happy as a clam this girl.  Okay, one more picture just because she is so adorable.

I was really happy Jesse was able to make it.  We’ve known each other for quite awhile being in the same circle of friends and she is the nicest person I know, hands down.  I always enjoy being around her.  Annnd her son is SO handsome!  This little man was very well behaved and wanted to be in the middle of it all.  He’s fun!

Jenna Wessels.  We are pregnant together and really excited about it!  Jenna married my life-long friend, Steve Jr..  My parents were best friends with Steve and Gail Wessels long before I was born so they have always been a part of my life.  Steve Jr. is just a year older than I am so we grew up playing together while our parents enjoyed each other’s company. 😉  Now we are just tickled to be having children at the same time who can grow up playing together the way we did. 

Many other special people were there as well but I didn’t get pictures taken with everyone.  I was very happy to have Kathy and Tina there…the Greene family have become a pretty significant part of my life.  Calen, Cara, Britt, my aunt Lori, Granny, my mom’s best friend, Lisa were all in attendance.  Again, I can’t express how blessed I feel to have all of these people in my life who support me.  So THANK YOU to everyone who shared in my special day.  I can’t wait to introduce the world to Joshua James. =)

Baby Shower

I know, I’ve been terrible about writing.  It has been too long since my last post.  The thing is I love to write but I have to be in the mood, and lately…I’ve just been busy.  However, I finally got pictures from the baby shower loaded on my computer and am ready to share them.  All of these photos were taken by my best friend, Lacie, and I’m so thankful for her.

It was a great day from the beginning.  Lacie came over that morning to help me get the house ready for all our guests.  She made me stay in my bedroom while I was getting ready and I couldn’t come out while she set the table because she was surprising me with this:

The cutest little party favors perfect for a baby shower.  She drizzled dyed white chocolate over the popcorn–delicious!  She also found these perfect sage green and blue boxes to put the popcorn in which just happens to be my color theme.  Lacie is so creative. 🙂  Yes, she made all of these…by herself!

(I made the name for the baby’s room.)

My two mamas are also such a blessing in my life.  They worked so hard to put the whole shower together for me.  I love them both and appreciate all they do for me, which is pretty much everything.

My mom put together a ton of food for the shower.  We had so much to snack on thanks to her!

My mother-in-law put together all these great games and prizes.  She did such a wonderful job hosting this part of the shower and everyone had a lot of fun with the games.  One of the games we played was “How big is the belly?”  Everyone had to guess how much string it would take to fit around my belly and then we measured. 

It was a tie!  Granny and Kathy were the closest. =)

Then we played the “poopy diaper” game.  Everyone selected a diaper and the poopy one won.  Calen was the winner!

We played a couple other games as well.  People had to write down as many baby items as they could in one minute.  They also had to write down the baby names of different animals.  All of these games seem to bring laughs out of people and we had a good time.

And then the real fun began…baby stuff!!  Buuut you’ll have to wait for the post “Baby Shower Part II” to see all of those fun pictures because this preggo is off to bed. =)