Obsessed with Baby’s Clothes

How can you not fall in love with baby clothes?  Specifically newborn and 0-3 months.  Just the size, regardless of color and pattern, makes any woman’s heart melt and scares the sh*t out of any man.  SO SMALL, TINY, ITTY BITTY.  So sweet.  How can anyone that can fit into this be anything but sweet?!

It’s true.  I am obsessed with my baby’s clothes.  I handle them almost everyday and daydream about a cute little baby boy fitting inside of them.  A little boy I can cuddle and kiss and spoil.  C’mon, these outfits are adorable!

Who wouldn’t be handsome wearing this?

Of course our son is going to be dressed like this from time to time. =)

And I can’t wait to see a chubby little diaper booty stuffed into these! Love it.