Here it is.  A rough draft of course.  I chose to turn our nursery into a pond.  It was a really easy decison.  I’ve always loved frogs!  It started when I was a very little girl catching frogs camping on the North Fork and lead to a frog collection that I still have packed away in boxes.  The nursery was a great excuse to get some of my cute frogs out again. 
Like this one my grandma Linda made for me.

Nathan loves bass.  Specifically Largemouth bass that live in ponds filled with lillypads and cattails.  Which makes this pond-themed nursery a perfect combination of the both of us…which is what this baby boy will be. =)

The cattails are my favorite touch.  Nathan cut down some real ones he found near a pond while bird hunting.  Our friend Tom Greene sprayed them with some lacker for me.  Hopefully this will perserve them and they don’t blow out.  We’ll see…

I ordered the bedding online.  It is exactly what I had in mind and I was so excited when I came upon it!  Love the colors, frogs, and turtles. I also added another frog from my collection…see him?

My other favorite part of the nursery.  The rocking chair.  This chair was the very first gift my dad ever bought my mom.  They found out they were pregnant with me when they were engaged to be married.  (I was an accident.)  As soon as my dad heard the news he went and bought my mom this rocking chair.  She nursed both my brother and I in it.  I am so excited that it gets to be in my nursery now and I get to nurse my babies in it.  It still needs a little TLC…a coat of Old English and a little reinforcement on one side.  I’m also going to order a pad to go on the chair. 

Here it is one more time.  My mother-in-law made the curtains.  Love them. 
As I said before, it is still a rough draft.  I ordered a different lamp in exchange for the one currently there.  I found one that matches the bedding set. 

The other side I have planned out but I haven’t started yet.  I ordered some wall decals online.  Today I went to Home Depot and found some floating shelves.  I’m going to paint the shelves sage green and put the wall decals right above the shelves.  Then I plan to put picture frames on the shelves.  Here’s an idea of what it’s going to look like on the wall.  (Picture the decals brighther without the top sheet on there and the shelves sage green.)

There you have it.  As I update the nursery, I’ll update with new pictures. =)

One thought on “Nursery

  1. I think your idea of planning a nursery around a theme is so neat. Most people try and keep it around the baby, with baby colors etc. Yours is for the whole family to enjoy for years to come. No matter if it is a boy or girl, your theme works.


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