My Little Nudger

Pregnancy is definitely the hardest thing my body has ever been through (I haven’t been through labor yet so I can say pregnancy is the hardest right now.)  Honestly, the menstral cycle doesn’t have a thing on pregnancy!  The puking, fatigue, uterine contractions, sore ab muscles, achy hips, and I won’t even get into what is going on “down there.”  I think the hardest part of pregnancy for me has been the “pregnancy brain.”  I’m a teacher and a cheerleading coach, needless to say, I’m busy; and on most days I honestly feel like I’m loosing my mind!  I am so forgetful, I can’t keep anything straight…I just feel scatterbrained.  For a teacher, scatterbrained is not okay.  Since my tear ducts and stress were tied together before the pregnancy hormones they are really connected these days.  I don’t feel cranky, moody, or snappy, but I cry. A lot. 

Regardless of all this I still love, love being pregnant!  I love being able to put on shirts that show my belly rather than try to hide it.  I love maturnity pants!  They are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn.  My boobs have grown a whole cup size and are still growing!!  For once in my life I actually have clevage to try and cover up. =)  People carry things for me, open doors, and pick things off the ground so I don’t have to bend over.  Baby clothes are my new obsession…I absolutely love them.  Especially newborn clothes.  Setting up the nursery has given me an excuse to redecorate a room in our house.  But most of all, the most precious part of this whole experience is feeling my baby move around inside of me.  I can’t describe the wave of peace and joy that comes over me when I feel those little nudges underneath my skin.  I lay in bed at night in a state of peace as he nudges my hand with his little feet, fists, knees, and elbows.  After a stressful day I’m reminded of what is most important in my life as I sit with my husband by my side and our baby saying hello with little kicks from inside my belly.  We haven’t met yet, baby and I, but already we have a special connection…I send him my thoughts and he responds with a nudge.  ❤

So, tell me how uncomfortable pregnancy is and how much it’ll hurt when I have a foot stuck in my ribs.  Let’s talk about the leg cramps I get in the middle of the night that make me sit up in bed.  Ask my husband how many times he woke up in the morning to me puking (not quietly) in the kitchen sink.  I’ll sit and drink my water while you have a beer and say, IT’S WORTH IT.  Every precious second.