25 Weeks and the Results Are In…

Weight gain since last appointment: 6lbs
Total weight gain: 13lbs
Baby’s heart rate: 138bpm
Nurse said everything is going perfectly.  I’m measuring right on track which means baby is growing just like he should.  After 4 months of zero weight gain she is happy to see some weight coming.  Overall, it was a great appointment today.  I didn’t get to see the doctor because he was at the hospital delivering a baby. =)  Next appointment I have to be screened for gestational diabetes.  I’ve heard not so pleasant things about the sweet drink I have to consume and I have to sit in the doctor’s office for an hour.  I go back to do this in 3 weeks.  I can NOT believe in just 2 weeks I start my third trimester!  This is going by sooo quickly!

So at 25 weeks, here’s the scoop.  Baby now measures just little over a foot in length and weighs about 1.5lbs.  (Of course this is statistically…our little boy could be bigger or smaller, either way he’s starting to put on baby fat.)  He can now make a fist and touch his toes. =)  As for me…my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball and people are noticing.  I get the “So, when are you due?” question at the store a lot.  I don’t mind people’s questions one bit, in fact, I love to talk about the pregnancy.  So ask away! =)  I’m noticing the extra pounds I’m carrying around, too, as my hips ache every night.  I know this is only going to get worse.  About 15 more weeks to go!!

One thought on “25 Weeks and the Results Are In…

  1. You are so stinkin’ cute Tara! I am so happy for you that you and baby are doing well! Don’t sweat the GD test. It is kind of stinky, but worth it for a healthy baby! Having your blood drawn so many times is what I hate about it!!!

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