Doctor’s Appointment

I have a doctor’s appointment today.  Being pregnant is the first time in my life that I have looked forward to going to the doctor.  I love the reassurance of listening to the heartbeat and hearing the nurse say, “Perfect heart rate!” =)  I also like being weighed (can you believe I just said that? …But it’s true.)  I want to know how much I’ve gained and then I know how I need to adjust my eating habits. (At 21 weeks I had gained a total of 7lbs.  We’ll see where I’m at today.)  I also like being able to ask questions and get answers from a reliable source.  The internet sometimes makes me question its credibility.  Overall, I just enjoy having mine and the baby’s progress monitored.  I’m already starting my life as a worrier called parenthood.  I worry constantly about that little boy growing inside of me.  So, I’ll let you all know how it went after 3:30pm.  Stay tuned…

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