Little Boys Are Made Of…

Frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails!  And energy, cuteness, sillyness, and love for their mamas.  I can’t wait to have a little boy.  On September 22nd Nathan and I sat (well, I laid) in a small dark room with an ultrasound tech who changed our lives.  We saw our precious little baby appear on the big screen…kicking, punching, and moving like crazy.  Less than one minute into the ultrasound we heard the tech say, “Looks like its a boy.”  My eyes immediately gravitated towards Nathan and his face was priceless…large, proud smile that I will never forget.  Then he wiped the tears before they could fall from his eyes.  It was a moment of true happiness.  Until that day I had said, “I don’t care what it is as long as the baby is healthy.”  The second I found out it was a boy my heart told me that I had been in denial, I deeply wanted a little boy first.  A big brother and best friend to a little brother or a protector of a little sister.  A fishing partner for his daddy.  A little man for his mommy.  Nathan and I couldn’t be happier or more excited for the changes that are about to come.  Our lives, marriage, and family will be so much richer because of this little boy sweetly growing inside my belly. 

So, please sit down and enjoy reading this blog about the process of growing and raising a son.  The ups, downs, times of happiness, worry, and fear.  Life is a rollercoaster…so hold on tight!

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